I have a relative who can't figure this one out. He doesn't shower or bathe for weeks at a time. He won't shave his straggly "beard" ( it is so patchy it isn't a beard), or wash his hair, because he thinks of a new excuse everytime someone brings the subject up, and that is quite often. As you can imagine he get's quite aromatic, and pungent. He once told me his parents kept telling him to clean up so he was rebeling, Yeah right! Decades leter he still hasn't gotten it. He wonders why he can't keep friends, girl friends. He wonders why everyone complains he can't smell anything bad, but he will complain about anyone who he smells, which ironically isn't as bad yet. Everyone has tried to tell him but it isn't his problem, never is. His excuses have ranged from rebeling, no water, no showers (he is a truck driver), ran out of time even though you have to sit for ten hours a day after driving, to he is part cat??Yeah that is what I said part cat a overwheight cat. It is discusting and I MAKE him shower before visiting here at our house, or I will leave himsitting at the truck stop I have before.  But for some reason he doesn't get it that it is holding him back personally relationshipwise he is single (go figure), and professinally stagnant in his job. My personal opinion is that is just plane lazy, and doesn't care about anyone else.  Please everyone your hygiene  is extremely important to everyone and to you also.
lingerieme lingerieme
51-55, M
Jan 18, 2013