This Has Always Been Something Very Important To Me

I have never been a woman who could not see something good looking in most men or women. However what immediately makes me not think they are good looking is poor hygiene.

You can be the best looking guy or gal out there and if you have poor hygiene to me, I get the impression you don't care about yourself or others around you.

The old saying "cleanliness is next to godliness" isn't just a saying to me mine would be more like "cleanliness is next to me". I even raised both my kids to know that you don't have to be the best looking but trust me the best smelling and cleanest will always keep people around you.

I am super funny about certain things I simply cannot help it. When I shower or bathe it is very thorough. Because I cannot afford fancy nails mine are kept short and clean (toenails too short and clean) I brush and floss my teeth to keep my breath fresh. So the first thing I look at with other people isn't their looks but their hygiene habits.

Guys with short clean nails, that brush their teeth and smell good because they are clean not because they poured a bottle of cologne on and women who also are clean and don't smell like they poured a gallon of perfume on with clean fresh breath and nice nails. Hygiene isn't difficult and it shows you care about you and others around you.

You don't even need to buy expensive stuff to look and smell clean it can be from the dollar store. Seriously clean is just necessary.
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1 Response Jan 19, 2013

You are completely right!

It seems like such an easy thing but many kids are not taught by their parents how important hygiene is. This I stressed fully! (my son is a bit overboard but his gf loves it cause he is super clean) Nothing is worse then getting near someone and realizing you cannot be close because of bad smells.

My worst pet peeve is rotten teeth! You only get one set of adult teeth so you should keep them clean and take care of them! A smile with bright white teeth is 100 times better than a smile with rotten teeth! Take care of your teeth kids!

Yes I agree and they don't have to be perfectly straight either. Just clean. Taking good care of your teeth is also just one of those things that shows you care about who you are.