Sea Kittens? Seriously?

Fine, but if aquatic animals are sea kittens, then we're allowed to eat land-fish.

Okay, I know it's been about a year or so since they tried that, but come on! PeTA, first of all, needs to pick all-capital letters or all lowercase for their logo font, because the lowercase e in the middle of all-capitals is just annoying bullsh*t.

Second, they need to shut the **** up. "Animals are not ours to eat, wear, experiment on, or use for entertainment." This is their motto. Now, I'm all for experimenting on humans (use federal prisoners, for ****'s sake! People who have forfeit thier rights as human beings!) But as for eating and entertaining? How do they think humans (which are also animals, by the way) became the dominant species on this whole damn planet?! Wearing animals? Meh. Doesn't bother me too much. I'd prefer if the fuzball either died of natural causes, or if they deserved it. (Like if the fox your scarf is made of tried to eat your cat, or something along those lines.) But if you want to wear real fur, fine. At least you're doing something useful with it!

Of course, PeTA doesn't even think you should have pets, because saying you "own" an animal, to them, is as bad as slavery. Nevermind that human slaves (yes, there are still human slaves in some parts of the world) are often beaten, starved, and physically abused on a regular basis. Now, anyone who does that kind of thing to a pet is a piece of sh*t scumbag who deserves nothing less than the exact same treatment, but having a pet dog, cat, bird, etc. is otherwise actually safer for the animals! Studies have shown that domesticated animals that live indoors have longer, happier lifespans than the wild animals who have to fend for themselves from day one, and will more often than not be eaten by predators long before a pet is even middle-aged!

PeTA is much more than ridiculous; it's a bullsh*t organization that, while I'm sure it was started with good intentions, is now one of the most annoying, simple-minded, and even pretentious organizations in at least the USA, if not the whole damn planet.

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3 Responses May 9, 2010

PETA: Weird-*** vegans that have no life and are brainwaI want to brianwashing kids today<br />
World: Better people.<br />
Me: I have a bird of my own (very young parakeet named Paco :D), and I am always very nice to him, if I scare him, I say sorry and sometime kiss his cage. PETA calls THAT slavery? I change his food, ( I give him a big pile) give him the freshest tap around, and keep him with toys for him to be happy. PETA can kiss my ***. I will record me doing so and send them it, making them eat their stone hearts out.

Peta is so full of ****!!! they don't want people using Anything derived from animals, including honey, silk,wool, drugs and medicines that contain and/or were derived from animals, even nutritional supplements such as fish oil!! I am sick of their Bull ****!!!

I don't think the sea kitten thing would work. There already is lion fish and I would still eat them. Dog fish too.