PETA Is Sick As It Supports Bsl and That Is Animal Abuse

 PETA strongly supports BSL and funds this sick deplorable , horrific, despicable, brutal, action. It is a very deceptive organization. PETA is  mainly responsible for trying to establish Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) or commonly known in knowledgeable circles as the "B*ll SH*T LAW", in many area's in North America. KNOW THE TRUTH! .

Their SICK POLICY is that this breed of dog is so widely abused, that in order to stop the abuse and suffering they put a lot of funds YOU GIVE AND DONATE,  into putting these magnificent canine pit bull and pit bull type  dogs down. This rather then fighting for stricter rules against Dog Fighting and abuse.???? Now does that make sense?  BSL only punishes responsible dog owners and destroys the families that love their family pets.

Gish, think about that!, this would justify putting our children down just in case one day in the future they MAY get abused by a pervert ??? Today we need to be smart about many things, cause it all leads up to cause and effect. BE INFORMED. Do not support PETA, and be informed about BSL, and stand up for your rights. This is a Nazi type law and if allowed to pass will enter us into a very controlled NAZI REGIME.


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But we must keep species in zoo's because there are so many going extinct that we need the zoo's for their breeding programs! And domesticated animals need homes with people because it's in their DNA to show love and affection to people because we bred them into so many different breeds but they've been domesticating themselves with our help for thousands upon thousands of years. Wild dogs or wolves more than 15,000 years ago would follow humans and eat their garbage and the humans let them stay because they helped ward off other wild animals that were threats. This caused packs of wolves or wild dogs to follow these humans everywhere, if a pup was born and showed aggression towards people the people killed them and only let the docile ones live with them. That's how the process of domesticating animals started. It may have even started earlier and it was a global phenomenon. Now today we have so many different breeds, they need us and we need them. They have evolved thanks to us to show love and affection. They have real emotions. I could not live without my dogs. I am a vegetarian and an animal lover, but I do not support PETA. I hope they finally lift the pit ban in Ontario, Canada so I could get one again. I grew up with the biggesst sweetheart ever.

Wow I had no idea about that. I never really cared about PETA tho but now I dislike it alot. I have never had a bad experience with a pit. My mom and biological dad and 3 when I was a baby and one of the male dogs allways slept by my crib. Of ocrse I only know this cause my dad and mom told me storys about it. But he was protective of me apparently. Then later when I was living with a friend who was like a second father to me his dog blade was the sweetest dog ever and he was over protective of all of us. He only bit one person one time but that's cause he was at the gate barking at another dog and my friend had the bright idea to throw a blanket over his head which i told him not to but he didn't listen. Which you don't do that to any dog when they are going crazy at another dog like that. ANY dog will react that way. He did get in finely after that. But other then that he was a big baby. <br />
<br />
I miss my bubba (blades nick name). :(

I sent them a email asking for their postion on BSL and the reply I got back confirmed it. They tried to muffle that fact with all the good they do for OTher animals. PETSA- People for the ethical treatment of SOME animals!!

PETA = People Euthanizing Thousands of Animals. PETA is sick.

2007 PETA rasied 27 million dollars and killed 97% of the animals they took in. <br />
<br />

Latest newsweek article proof that peta KILLS<br />
<br />

I cannot agree more with your statement and deductions. Well said!

i think so, too. i think PETA does have good intentions, that they could even believe that what they are doing is for the good of animals - that captivity is wrong because it violates the free will of animals. and, like i said, in terms of zoo's, i agree. if those animals can be trained to live in the wild, i think that is where they belong.<br />
<br />
but domesticated animals, living in homes with families instead of in zoo's in cages for people to gawk at for amusement more than education, is different. a pet is like a child...they are part of the family. sure, they don't have complete freedom, but neither do children. they are both taken care of by the family, and to rip either of them away and force them to live on their own (or put them to sleep, as they say) would be cruel. pets love their families - it is apparent. why would you take that away from them? what i believe are the good intentions behind PETA's actions (at least initially, and i wouldn't be surprised even currently) just makes the logic that much more unfathomable for me. as a child, i had a hamster, and i really struggled with having that kind of pet - because they do have to stay in small cages a lot of the day...i remember one day he escaped, and when we got him back in he would bite obsessively at the bars and it tore me apart inside to see that. so i understand having issues with animals you have to keep in cages, but even then i knew that i couldn't just set him free because he wouldn't survive...and, even then, that doesn't justify killing them.

Fahreneit.<br />
<br />
I so believe that PETA has some good intentions, but now they are way off base. They support BSL and will not fight for the well being of the canine pit bull. They do not want people having pets at all. I know my dog loved to be around people (her family) more than anything in the whole world. At a family reunion and outing with all the family there, she was in her GLORY, and just would smile the whole day. They do love us, and want a healthy relationship with us. I so agree with you. The breed of pit bull loves people and prefers to be with human companionship then with their own. That's a fact. <br />
<br />
PETA, has it uses, but would not get a penny from me, and PETA needs to know we are watching them very closely

*shock*<br />
<br />
i had no idea this was happening! that is insane.<br />
<br />
first of all, domesticated animals were *bred* by human beings, they didn't even evolve as a species in the wild! i am not a fan of zoo's and keeping wild animals in captivity, but domesticated dogs and cats are not wild animals! second, most pets, providing they belong to a loving family and are not abused, enjoy their lives with their owners! if they had a voice, i highly doubt they would choose death over being a pet. most likely they wouldn't even choose to leave their family to live on their own. i just...don't understand the logic, here.<br />
<br />
...<br />
<br />
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What do I think of PETA! Most causes start with the right intention. I think this one, if you believe the name did. People for the ethical treatment of animals. However, if it did, corruption certainly has entered in big time. It has gone so far over to the other side is to me has no creditability now. I will be back with some facts about my statment (time allowing).

I guess we all have different reasons for opposing PETA. Some of us<br />
feel that they don't uphold true animal rights- while I feel that<br />
animal welfare is important and that PETA is messed up all across the<br />

here, here, Antiyou, I plan to be answering MitchandMaureen's question shortly. Wanted to take the time to give it some true thought, and so agree with yours.

peta is ridiculous<br />
<br />
'people for the ethical treatment of animals'<br />
the name gives you the wrong impression. they should elborate that 'ethical' to them means euthanasia.<br />
<br />
euthanasia means ending the life of an individual, in this case an animal, suffering from a terminal illness or an incurable condition. it doesnt say anywhere about ending a life as a result of an animal being abused and neglected as reason for euthanasia. and why, because its morally wrong, and peta is morally wrong. <br />
<br />
i'm sure to some extent they do fight for animal rights, but i think they kill more animals then they save.

That's horrible. So horrible. Another reason to want the human race taken down a notch

Kasey, in America I agree ASPCA is the one to get involved with or donate to. In Canada, I would suggest:<br /> (AFTU) or <br /> (DLCC)<br />
<br />
Christabel! you have great insight! and understand a canine. They would and do choose to love us. With respect to PETA and BSL, their logic behind it is that the only humane thing to do is KILL THE DOG? as it is an abused breed. Gee, rather then truly fight for stiffer charges and stiffer sentences for animal abusers? <br />
Figure it? Pit bulls make the best service dogs, one of WW1's greatest hero's was a dog promoted and called Sgt. Stubby (google him, its a great story!) . Any reliable kennel club will tell you that they are great with kids, and once were called the Nanny Dog. Dog fighters have destroyed their reputation, and it just victimizes these great dogs again and again. I for one am a voice in the wilderness crying out for reason :) If one really wants to see just how ferocious and vicious they are just view my pictures.

have you guys all read the reports that you should donate money to local Aspca's and local humane shelters/societies as oppossed to HSUS since they are in cooperation with PETA and your money sent to HSUS won't be seen by the animals, etc. <br />
<br />
You guys have also seen the booklets they hand out to elementary school children without their parent's consent, right? it's horrible...they nab them coming out of school..

It would be sad. I love my dog and I know that he's very, very happy being my pet- he considers us his pack and he feels at home with us. If we have to discipline him sometimes, both parties have an understanding that we know what it means- we're establishing a hierarchy, not trying to hurt each other. Dogs actually like to be submissive, and they are more likely to get hurt by other dogs than by their owners if they were going to be released into the wild (which is a stupid idea- most dog breeds have been so domesticated that they're maladapted to the wild).<br />
I might have been misinformed, but I thought the BSL was trying to reduce the pit bull population because they're considered to be a comparably vicious breed? If that's why, it isn't true either- pit bulls can be very sweet dogs, they just need training and love. It's the same with any breed- pay attention to your dog and give necessary corrections for bad behavior from an early age, and it will be a loyal and trustworthy companion.<br />
PETA is ridiculous in that they support that kind of legislation and their goal is that no animal be subjected to human ownership- most domestic animals would die in the wild! That's more inhumane than owning pets, and a pretty small percentage of people abuse their pets anyway. Also, their form of activism is staging demonstrations and documentaries that only utilize shock value- they don't present any facts most of the time, and when they do they're guilty of horrendous cherry picking. They don't care about their supposed cause at all, given that they euthanize more animals in their shelters than the Humane Society has to- which tells me that they don't even bother finding homes for most of them. It's hypocrisy. PETA needs to be brought down. If you really want ethical treatment of animals, support the ASPCA instead!

Peta. goes into municipals and funds the fight to bring in BSL. Many are saying that the stats are millions of canine a year are euthanized directly as a result of Peta actions. They are just plain evil. Their goal in for human beings to have no pets at all. What a sad world that would be.

I had no idea......pardon my ignorance Kasey....

So agree with you there Kasey. Worth repeating. PETA, is actually a very dangeous organization. So many better and worth while animal resue centres to commit to and support.

tried to release our animals in our Herpetology Lab- mind you they aren't experimented on and most of them came from bad homes...that's why we have them. They are very well taken care of but because of PETA's philosophy, they feel that it's better for animals to die in the wild than live in captivity so they thought it be wonderful to let them all the winter....and they're definitely NOT native to the area...they would have been dead....<br />
<br />
Animal Welfare not Animal Rights!!! there's a difference people...ignorance drives me nuts!

You are correct there! PETA kills over 77 % of the animals that they resue. However, because they are powerful, and organized, they are a force. However, we the informed people must expose them, and call them out for the hidden agenda they keep so silent. Hopefully, those that join them will switch over to more legitimate groups. Their agenda is that people should NOT HAVE PETS! no dogs, cats, etc. They would rather "humanely kill them". I truly hope another organization raises to have the power they do, but with truly the right intentions behind them.