Peta Is Over The Edge

Front page of Fox news today is PETA is trying to stop a donkey ride at a school ballgame.  They say the donkeys might fall, or be hit

by stray balls.  This is really gonna keep me up at night, considering the disappearing rainforest and global climate change.  It's like

saying, "I have 2 things to do; the laundry and put out the grease fire in the kitchen.  Guess I'll do the laundry". 

I live in a small apt complex surrounded by swampland.  My neighbor has 10 cats and 2 dogs in a 1 bedroom apt.  She is a big Peta

supporter.  She once told me she felt sorry for all the opossums and raccoons who had to have their babies in the woods.  I said, "you

want to put them up at the Holiday Inn or what?"  She puts out 25 lbs of catfood/dogfood and a like amount of bird seed a week for the

"poor raccoons".  She doesn't get that other animals, less welcome, will be attracted to the food.  She refused to believe that mice, rats,

snakes, and on up the food chain will come, too.  Two of her cats disappeared on separate occasions, and one came back with his ear

torn off, but she refutes any connection.  Once, I encountered a 25lb raccoon sauntering down the sidewalk as bold as Beauchamp.  He

didn't give way until I shook a broom at him.  Don't get me wrong, I love all animals and nature.  I try not to encumber it with my help.  Peta

needs to see up close and personal a few of the feral dog packs inhabiting the swamp since Hurricane Katrina.  Leaving domesticated

animals to fend for themselves is cruel and dangerous on several levels, including the spread of zoonotic disease.  Does peta want rabies

and cholera, anthrax and bubonic plague back? 

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4 Responses Feb 21, 2010

Not Opossum, Eccentric One - CRAWFISH!!

That's disgusting.<br />
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Tell them you have opossum soup on Thanksgiving while everyone else eats TURKEY.

Im surprised your landlord puts up with that many animals in her apt. I doubt very seriously she is paying enough of a security dep to clean up all the filth that is acumulating in it..Gross! There is a reason wild animals need to stay wild..she should be turned in for feeding them and if she refuses she needs to thrown out. I can tell you I wouldnt be anywhere near as sympathetic as you are..Id make so many complaints it isnt funny and if that didnt work Id poor some antifreeze on that food she puts out and get rid of th em for good..Raccoons and Possums are mean as snakes and if you get bit chances are you'll get rabies. I hope their arnt any children there. As for PETA they are completely ridiculous half the time on what their resources should go for. To me helpless domestic animals deserve their attention and many of the animals that go in for slaughter as well. There is a less cruel way to house transport and slaughter our meat. I only buy mine at whole foods that is cruel free. I will never ride a horse drawn carriage in a city or pay for my kids to ride ponys in a fair as I do not agree with it but I dont think PETA needs a whole campaign for a donkey..that is crazy. People can affect change simply by not paying for this kind of entertainment. I give my money to the ASPCA because they actually help animals..PETA seems to always be throwing parties so celebrities can show their faces and say they are doing something..Im not buying it..

I see your point, I do think Peta go a little over the top and being vegetarian myself, I love animals but like you said earlier, there is also an earth to care for, dying rainforests etc. I must say, im not keen on seeing animals used for entertainment purposes but that is just my opinion but yes, priorities are in all the wrong order, there is also flooding countries that warrant more attention that a poorly calculated risk on an animal.