Townshend News... Mojo and Sell Out Again

Hi -

This is not my personal experience as a fan of Pete's (that would take a book to cover) but rather I wanted to let you guys know that Pete and Roger are featured on two different covers in next month's "MOJO" magazine, a music mag from Britain (the April issue). It is an interview promoting the new "The Who Sell Out" two-disc remaster - only available in England (although you can order it on Amazon).

Although I am personally sick of re-buying albums I have owned for years, I will end up getting this as Astley seems to have dug up some oddities I've been searching for and put them on the second disc. Not essential if you own the "Sell Out" remaster already - but some interesting nuggets for completeists.

Also, I have yet to buy the Who Chuck Taylor shoes they released a few months back. Have you seen these? They are so cool, but so expensive. I can get a normal pair of Chuckies for about $20, and they want $60 with shipping for Union Jack or Mod Target Chuckies that say "The Who" on them.

Normally I ignore all the merchandise and re-releases... but this time I'm caving in and buying some stuff. Eventually.

bunchopanties bunchopanties
36-40, M
Mar 26, 2009