Yay, a place to talk about Pete!

I hate to say it, but at my age, it's hard to find other people to talk about The Who, or any manner of Whoish things with.  I say "The Who" to another gal in her 20's and she looks at me, pop music rolling through her mind, and says "Say what?"  (To which I have to respond, "No, Who!"  Of course, they don't get it.  Nobody ever does.)  Anyway, on to my blurb!

I think this man is an absolute genius.  The things his mind comes up with, sometimes they stun me.  He can make me giggle, make me cry, make me think, make me angry, make me feel justified, make me feel lonely, make me feel safe, make me feel happy, and confuse the hell out of me all in the span of a few songs.

Perhaps it's strange to feel such a strong connection to a person you've never met, but sometimes it just feels as though the man is speaking for me (which is good, 'cause I'm terribly lazy, and *someone* has to do it!), that's how awesome he is!  His mind never ceases to amaze and amuse me, and doesn't he have the prettiest eyes you ever did see? 

We love you, Pete!

darkstormstress darkstormstress
22-25, F
Mar 6, 2010