My Ode To The Pharmaceutical Industry/cartel

My ode to the Pharma Cartel

Here’s a little true story
About the pharmaceutical industry
The key word is Pharmacy
A silent P equals HARMACY

Your body is the best laboratory
Has within it everything it needs
To fight off any illness or disease
Without intervention from a third party

There are several ways to remove
Any illness, I speak the truth
Without medicine or cold remedy
Or anything else from the pharma industry

You tell your body to fight your corner
And you don’t even need a doctor
Just identify the offending disease
(with a pendulum)
And ask your body to break it free

You also imagine what you don’t want
To vacate your body, had it’s lot
Natural remedies for everything anyway
Without the cartel; pharmaceutical industry
41-45, M
Dec 15, 2012