Photo Radar Fraud

As photo radar becomes more popular, violators are coming up with ways to beat it. If you get caught speeding or running a red light by photo radar, the evidence against you, a photo or videotape of the violation, is pretty apparent. But there is at least one legal strategy available. Arizona law requires that you get your traffic citation from a police officer or a process server. Since the tickets mailed to violators don't meet that legal standard, you have the option of tossing the citation in the garbage. If you do that, however, police officers or the company that runs the cameras can then send a cop or a process server to deliver the summons. In Scottsdale, AZ it adds $26 to your fine. Here's the trick: The city has only 120 days to serve you, so if you can dodge the process server for about four months, the ticket is dismissed. You can also make it harder for authorities to find you by listing a post-office box as your address on your car's registration. That will require police or the company to do a little extra work to hunt down your address.

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Several counties have spent billions installing these camera devices, but why?
Several studies show that these cameras not only increase accidents but don't reduce the number speeders / red light runners. There are several different ways to reduce these violations that don't include a set of 15 million dollar cameras... They aren't even real tickets... you don't have to pay them and they are dropped after 120 days of violation... Several schools around the U.S. are struggling to get by, dropping programs, losing credibility, and we are spending money on these ridiculous cameras.  

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3 Responses Feb 28, 2009

Good input.. and it's very true. They said here in Arizona that it was for the same thing... then several months later Tempe PD is driving lifted SUV's around a populated city... not only wasting hella more gas, but tripling the vehicle cost. PATHETIC

I think the whole idea is c9@p! I drive 45 miles one way on state highways to work...i have gotten 4 tickets this past year...if you CAN belive speedometer was no where near what they radared me at...I belive because BOTH vehicles were in motion that the speed was exagerated. is the rub...all that money they are making in moving violations is supposed to go to road maintenance not the d@nm officers writing the tix. Simple point is...we do not use the $ for what we SAY the $ is for..Economics is the newest form of discrimination in this country, followed by accesability to technology.

That's funny.. several weeks ago, here in Arizona, a group dressed as Santa Clause went around town putting big cardboard presents over cameras.