Yes, They Are.

Pit bulls are very wrongfully judged. They are no more dangerous than any other type of dog. The only problem is the people they are "raised" by. When pit bulls are mistreated by their owners (i.e. put into dog fights, beaten, or verbally abused), they act out, just like any other animal, or even child, does if they are being abused. My aunt had numerous pit bulls throughout her 76 years. All of them were very friendly dogs. She kept them all in her house, treated them very well, pretty much as if they were her own children, & not one of them ever hurt another soul, not even another dog. If pit bulls are all so bad, then why were hers so good? Because she treated them well, cared for them, loved them, & cherished them as all pets should be cherished. Her dogs are just some of the reasons that pit bulls are not innately bad animals. They're only bad when they are treated that way.
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Pitbulls are working dogs. They need lots of exercise training well socialised with other dogs and positive experiences.
If you keep them outside and they have little or no human interaction and not taught how to behave around children and in the house or no daily exercise, then you as the owner are creating the problem.

Its so sad! Just because they were used to fight shouldnt mean they should die! Look at Michael Vicks dogs. Only 1 out of 56 was put down for being aggressive!! 3 of them went on to be CHILDRENS therapy dogs!! People need to wake up and stop being so ignorant!! I work for a 'non kill" shelter. We do not put pit bulls to sleep who have been fought. They deserve a chance just as any breed of dog does. This is why I dont like The Humane Society of the United States. They were just gonna kill all of Michael Vicks dogs without temperament testing them. Just like that, no questions asked! Thank god an angel decided to take them and give them a fair chance. Now, they are all adopted or in a sanctuary.

I couldn't agree more. We tried to fight it but because it was an actual law there was nothing we could do :(


I worked at my local animal shelter for about four years. We got in every kind of pitbull you could imagine. Once they busted a fighting ring and 13 pitbulls were brought in. All of them badly wounded from fighting or bated. All of them way underfed. All of them the most sweetest loving creatures. Unfortunately in the state of Maryland any pitbull involved in any kind of fighting or bating had to be put down. All 13 were killed because of cruel people. Three of those 13 were not older than six months.

I totally agree with MOST of what you said. I have had 2 pit bulls that were rescued from fighting rings.. they are not mean. Even a pit used to fight can be a good family dog.. im living proof!!