Thank God

I hear other women talking about cramps and so many other things. I am so thankful that all I have is a little emotional issues and I am good to go.

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See that is the thing too Polly. it is important that you focus on taking care of yourself or it will tear you down.

Argh.... I really do not look forward to that time in my life. I am sorry you are having to go through it ladies.

That's not fair!<br />
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I fainted on Sunday my pains were so bad :(

I dread menopause so much. I have had it easy in many respects though so I am hoping that will be just as easy. If not I will be writing about it. lol

I've been lucky fungirl and haven't really had a lot of problems. I have had a lot more moodswings in the past year or so though, I think it's probably a sign that menopause is on the way, but I don't suffer any other symptoms. It is just luck though, I know a lot of women do suffer terribly.

Sorry dolly. XOXOXOXO

It sucks a lot .. I hate my period so bad !


I am happy for you that you don't have to suffer some of the worst excesses of the hormonal bombardment inflicted by some menstrual cycles, mmm. A couple of my live-in partners have had to endure horrific symptoms, such as debilitating cramps. Of course, I had to endure their violent mood-swings with them... sometimes at great risk to my own hormone production system!