My Ode S21, Written After A Visit To Pol Pot's Jail In Pnom Penh

and again thankyou lovely Halifax lady
and may you have a great time always

The Death Junction

S21, the death junction, of pol pot’s clique, that evil man
Put there by the CIA, to torture and mame, so they say

But until you find out for yourself, visit shrines around Phnom Penh
You just do not realize, how so much evil came from one persons eye’s

Tales of torture, waterboarding even, it’s no surprise, when you realize
The CIA wrote Pol Pot’s mass, death and destruction handbook

Row upon row of photographs, good people from Cambodia’s genocide
Brave most, scared only a few, if the death that lay before them; too true

Some even knew they were going to die; all they requested, their family’s stay alive
Others requested barbecue fish; normal life as evil came for their sole

Still, 35 years on, no lessons learnt, same people coming, you have been warned
But the weapons are silent, to shackles no bind, just programming of a different kind

Evil is trying to rob your souls, Just like Mr Pot all those years ago
Barbed wire there, but most cannot see, west think they are free; no real liberty

When the CIA gear up their plans, will be obvious to every woman, every man
Evil again is trying to prevail, but I have news for them: They will Fail
41-45, M
Jul 29, 2010