Bursting With Joy And Goodness ...

I became pregnant in September 1993 and I remember that time very well.  In fact I remember when I conceived.  I remember having family visitors when I was about 4-5 weeks pregnant, only just confirmed, and my sister in law saying that she could see it in my eyes - that there was a new radiance - like a secret yet to be revealed.  

As the time went on and all those lovely "bloom" hormones kicked in, I remember feeling wonderful and enjoying extra attention.  It was amusing to me how much more tactile friends became - particularly male friends - they wanted to touch and hold my belly - to feel the baby move.  At around my sixth month we went to a friend's 40th birthday party and I remember his mother - who was a little eccentric to say the least - cornering me and singing to my baby, calling her name and talking to her.  We knew the sex of our baby already and had already chosen her name.

There is a wonderful, sexually ripe feeling about being pregnant - as if your body is ready to burst with pride - acknowledging that it is engaged in creating a new life - what it was designed for after all. 

Once my daughter was born - a healthy nine pounds (four kilos) at full-term - the breast feeding became the focus of attention - I think more people saw my breasts at that time than if I'd been a centrefold feature!  I was one of those women who was never shy about feeding her in public - although I was ALWAYS discreet.  But friends who came to visit would get the full eyeful - if they came to our home and I was feeding her - then they would stay for the entertainment ... haha.  

I remember it being a joyful and very sociable time.  People are happy and fun around small babies - they really are bundles of joy.

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thanks for the comments sweetmeisje, fungirl and mewold. I do remember it very vividly as being a very enjoyable time.

This is a very good read. I enjoyed hearing it from the woman's perspective.

This is beautiful WIB. Thank you for sharing your story as well.

thanks ersatz for your comment. it is a special time.