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My Goddess

When my ex girlfriend was pregnant, I was her main support because her piece of **** boyfriend wasn't there for her. I found that as the pregnancy progressed, the more I loved her. She had this wonderful glow about her that was otherworldly. I used to read to her baby, I rubbed her belly with massage oil. I waited on her hand and foot. She was my Goddess and I worshiped her. Because of what she was carrying there was nothing more precious to me. I was her Lamaze coach. I developed her cravings. Especially chocolate malted milk shakes. I swear that my ankles started swelling. I developed her lactose intolerance. So, no more milkshakes. We had amazing sex throughout her pregnancy. She was so self conscious about her physical appearance. I told her that I wouldn't want to be anywhere else nor with anyone else.

She was just getting more beautiful. At times, I would start crying because I couldn't stand her beauty and it was torturing my soul. Throughout this time, I tried to get her boyfriend involved in this situation. He refused. When the baby was due, we had a lot of sex to induce the pregnancy. Over the course of two weeks, we made love and it was the most wonderful feeling I ever had. When we were done, we would lie next to each other, I would rub and kiss her belly

When her water broke, I drove her to her midwife. I contacted the father and told him that this is his last chance to be a man. He never answered. I helped birth her son. It was the happiest moment of my life. I loved her son and I raised him as my own for the first year of his life. Then, his father came back into the picture. I extracted myself from the situation. 

This was 15 years ago, If his father never came back, I would have raised him as my own. I feel pity for the men who have the opportunity to experience what I had and not appreciate it. Or, not be there at all. It has been a wonderful and life changing experience. Whenever I see a pregnant woman, I just want to love her, as it is the most beautiful sight on Earth.
TheLovingDominant TheLovingDominant 36-40, M 8 Responses Aug 10, 2012

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Cancel are good!! :)

Wow, this was so incredibly touching, really. I'd like to experience that magic one day and be pregnant.. she was very lucky to have someone so kind and caring for her..

I craved chocolate malt too haha I miss being pregnant sometimes :(

You are an amazing man..;)


You should have kept him out and raised the boy as your own. The father is the one who loves the child. I hope you've had a chance to father other children since them. Just as good is to raise them.

Did he have 'problems' within himself? That is the reason my older son's father wasn't around much, and hasn't been for the past 19 years of my son's life.
That's an awesome story, however, on your part.

He did have problems with himself. He was an alcoholic and an underachiever. He was a very talented artist. He's now in prison for having a long term sexual relationship with a minor. A friend of his son's. She was 12 when it started. He deserves to be where he is.

I had figured as much, as far as alcohol/drugs issue.
The 'other' part is an extent of the issue.

Pregnant women are the most lovely of all women really. It is nice that you helped her. Commendable actually. Why don't you find your heart's desire-a true one to you-and have children now? It is never too late....