I Didn't Think So

Being swollen with a sore back, feet, legs and hands is not what I would call sexy especially when my clothes started getting too tight.

Not having anything to wear was upsetting but my husband and I went shopping and my outlook started to improve.

I am a very athletic woman so losing my figure wasn't something that I was happy about but since it is only temporary, I could live with it.

My husband is an absolute sweetheart finding sexy lingerie for me to wear and yoga pants (so I could continue to exercise - yoga, Pilates, weight training, aerobics - I'm a workout fiend).

It wasn't until he gave me this beautiful ivory sheer layered nightgown that I started to feel sexy. We had already been shopping for new bras and panties and I was concerned that I would be sentenced to wearing granny panties for the duration of my pregnancy but we found some really nice matching sets and had a few custom made.  He's so good to me.

When it comes to evening wear, I was very disappointed in the selection, the quality and the price.  I found a few patterns at the fabric store and made a couple of outfits.

I know I will be getting much bigger and my husband and I were discussing what I would be wearing for holiday functions and galas.  I decided that I didn't want to be stuck with a maternity dress that may or may not fit me by the time the holidays came around.  I opted for a sari.  That way, no matter how big my twins grow, I will still be able to be covered and comfortable (hopefully).  We have found some beautiful material so I am very happy about that.

Now, I feel sexy.  Not as sexy as I did before I got pregnant but still sexy enough for me and my husband.

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5 Responses Sep 18, 2012

Getting close now

I like that you are into exercise before and during pregnancy. You will be setting a good example for your little one. :-)

What an amazing experience you are in the middle of! ;)

Thank you. It has been interesting.

I'm sorry, but a pregnent woman can be very sexy. Or so I've heard.

I realize that. I just hadn't thought about sexy, pregnant and me all in the same sentence. I didn't feel sexy in the beginning but I do now.

I know you didn't think so but I'm glad you do now. You look absolutely stunning in your maternity outfits and I'm happy you love the gown. I think the sari for the holidays is a great idea. I saw the image you sent me. The design is nice. Very exotic and very you.

Thank you.