Pregnancy Roulette

I've written elsewhere that I think pregnant women are sexy, because you know for certain that they put out.  

I feared pregnancy so much in my teens, but the desire to **** was stronger than my fears of getting knocked up. And soon, I was secretly craving a man's ***** inside of me. The only reason I had for condoms was the fear of disease, rather than fear of pregnancy. So, a clean man was important, as I developed the feeling that if he hasn't dumped his *** into me, I haven't really ******.

I have had irregular periods nearly all my life, so I could not use the rhythm method of birth control. Anyway, I'm not that disciplined; however, if I was cheating on my primary ****, I'd make sure to **** the primo too, so there would be plenty of  doubts regarding who the father of the child might be.

Pregnancy roulette is hot, and I've ****** different men in the same hour in order to confuse the paternity issue. I also tend to **** men who resemble one another to further complicate the possibilities. I love the idea of never knowing who's ***** finally did the job on me.

I read once about a woman who fell pregnant with twins, and they proved to have different fathers! What a great thing that would be!  I've also read that about 10% of men are raising children whom they are unaware are not their genetic spawn.  I find this idea incredibly erotic, and it's fueled many a fantasy in my head as i **** one man and plan on the next.
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jeremfg, sex should always be exciting and fun. always!

jeremfg, ask any religion lol

procreation ... oppression ... captive audience ... ;)

jeremfg, so why do we not know about them? ;)

mineallmine, i think if i was a guy, i'd probably be turned on by your fantasies. it makes sense, since the converse makes me horny. :) it took a long time to find a guy who was sexually into the stuff i was ... though he thought i was more extreme than him, and he claims to learn from me lol. just chatting it about it does the trick. you're a lucky man, and i hope your luck holds out!

You and I have a lot of the same turn-ons. I have at least two daughters and one son who are being raised by friends of mine - they have no idea the children aren't theirs. I suspect there are more, but the three I am absolutely positive. I have never had a problem convincing married women to have sex with me (especially women I am friends with....women married to some of my best friends). They know me and typically let their guard down quickly when drinking. My favorite is to get them very drunk and talk about their relationship with my friends - I always agree with her complaints about him and offer a few stories (usually made up fictional stories) about how he has stabbed her in the back or cheated on her. I ALWAYS tell them that I have fantasized about what it would have been like to be married to them and how luck I would be if I were her about how I would never let someone as special as her get bored or I would make sure that work NEVER interferes with my relationship with her....after a couple more drinks, it is extremely easy to tell her that I would do anything to be able to kiss her just one time and that I would never do anything to hurt the relationship I have with my best friend (her husband). After the kiss, I would say it is no more than 15 minutes before I am inside her and I NEVER wear a condom. I tell her that I haven't had sex in years and I have had a vasectomy (neither of which is true) - she is too drunk to think twice about it. I am positive that two of the women got pregnant from me the night we had sex - one has my twin girls (7 years old) and the other has a boy (he is 4). I'm sure there are others but I am not close enough to them anymore to know for sure. I LOVE getting married women pregnant and I am really turned on by pregnant women. Your fantasy of being ****** in your *** while giving birth is really ******* hot!!!! And ******* a woman while she breastfeeds continues to be at the top of my bucket list. Anyway....I just wanted to share some of my experiences - you sound perfect!!!!!!!!!

Secrethentaiboy, i don't discuss such things in a public forum. i'm sure you understand, it's very personal. ;)

Privately is a different issue, but still, it's a question that requires more than casual acquaintance in order to get a real or useful response.