I Was Forced Into Prostition At the Age of 15

i dont know weather or not making prostition would stop this happening although i very much doubt that it would.

but at the age of 15 i was homeless in london, a frightened kid, who stupidly believed a guy when he said he could help me, instead he got me addicted to heroin, which he used to give us to make us more managerble.

there were about twenty girls crammed into the one three bedroom house, with five or six minders to watch us, we were then forced to have sex with hundreds of men, and beaten to within and inch of our life if we tried to refuse.

yeah this is the things that you dont get told.

i am only away from that now, because the man who had me imprisoned in that house was killed in a gang fight.

we had a lucky escape.

but afterwards i took up a job in a stip club, just because it was simply all i could get, i was lucking in that the club was a good one and the man who owned it respected us girls, i am still friends with him to this day, and several of the people i worked with.

but there were girls in that house as young as 12 at times, the was even a three year old girl living in that house sourounded by needles, sex, and broken and beaten young girls, her mum, had been killed by the man that now was taking care of her.

to that little girl that was normal.

and there are hundreds of girls brought up like that, other girls whos parents sell them into it, yes even in the uk.

so yes you might see young girls out on the street selling them self, but what you arent seeing is the man round the corner, ready to smash her head in if she doesnt do what she is told.

the goverment arent doing anything about it, nor are the police, they turn a blind eye because to deal with it, would be to big a scandal, i know because i once ran to a police officer begging him for help, and he told me he thought i had had to much to drink, and that i should clear off home.

he couldnt have cared less, and you know how i know, that he knew all about it, because a week later that same copper was in that house were we lived, picking out a girl for some fun.

thats the reality of it, and there are hundreds of pigs who are in these guys pockets.

so that if by some rare chance a raid is planned, be it for drugs, which is normally the reason and not the fact that there are loads of girls being abused.

then these guys know before it is even in the first stages of planning and we would be set to clean the house from top to bottom, before all being moved to another house, leaving the old place spotless, as if no one has ever been there.

thats the reality of prostition, and so i dont think making it legal will stop that from happening.

the only thing it might do is stop people seeing other women in a bad way, who do it in order to support there family or see themselves threw collage.

well anyway i just thought you should know the reality of what does happen

jossiemarie jossiemarie
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It would be nice, if at least the government that stands to make the huge profits in lost revenue, went ahead and admitted to being involved, regulating the trade of prostitution, instead of being so duplicitous about it. Loads of people seem to enjoy sex for money and money for sex. It's just that the government has to throw religion at it, so it's a black market thing instead of well-regulated, like everything but walmart and the oil industry. Sad story, but glad you're here to tell it to everyone.

its **** like this that gives the game a black eye

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Thank you for sharing your story and I am so sad that happened and happens to children and women from all over the world. This is were I believe the problem is. Your situation and CRIMES like it is not prostitution it is child abuse, abuse IS CRIME and should be for a reason. Prostitution is between CONSENTING ADULTS for whatever there reasons are and have no business being associated with those crimes. Women who CHOOSE to have consenting sex with another adult is a prostitute. What you are talking about is a CRIME and should be hunted down and proscicuted IT IS NOT THE SAME

thats so true E burbury, i constantly see girls on here who are heading down the same path, and i admit i dive on them like a cat after a rat lol, i just cant bare the thought of them ending up where i ended up, and the sad fact is that a lot of girls will, because of problems at home, and generally just feeling unloved or unwanted, or even like me being forced out by there family. <br />
and it breaks my heart how hard is it for a mother or father to tell there child that they love them, to talk to them, to comunicate with them about there feelings excetra, yet so many parents dont, and this seems to be why so many girls and young boys are suffering from drepression, because they just feel so alone, and then they get to believing there family doesnt want them and they are running away, and by the time they realised they have got into a worse situation its too late.<br />
and thats the thing we are talking about girls but young boys get into these situations as well. which i think lots of people forget, sorry i just want to make sure no one gets left out of this, other wise im just as bad as the police lol. <br />
thing is i dont know what can be done like you say even if they make it legal people will still do it illigally because they can make more money on the underage girls. <br />
its just such a difficult situation, but i think maybe schools should educate children better instead of not telling them these things because they think its damaging they should tell them about it but in a way that shows how tough a life it is, by having people who have been there and been threw it to talk about there experience, i would be willing and in fact did surguest it to a few school but they said point blank no way. <br />
and i can understand why, but this was teenagers, in the senior schools, or i think you call them highschools in america, but anyways, no doing. <br />
but with out education done in a real way with real people who have been there done that, and are prepared to talk about it in a way that doenst make it look glamourous but tells the hard side of it, the dangerouse side, then how can these kids know how to avoid it. <br />
and in fact a lot see it as glamourse, and think it would be fun or exciting, because they are of the oppion that they have control over these men, because they can suduce them or some such ****, and its just not true, it does not work like that, most men pay for you, that means they see it as owning you for that half hour hour, what ever, and they think they can do what the hell they want to you, including beat you senseless. and if you are taken in by a pimp the likes of which i was, then you can expect regular beatings, and god help you if you get pregnant, because as soon as they realise they will beat you and do all kinds of horrible things to you, in order to make you miscarry. <br />
and they'll have you back out on the street the same night, i mean thats how it works its no way glamourouse and in no way fun. <br />
and i think kids need to be educated about life, and the bad stuff in life, not just taught maths and history or whatever, they need to be told the hard cold facts about life. <br />
at least if they know them they have a better chance of avoiding the dangers.

I live in Las Vegas. Prostitution is legal in small counties in Nevada, but not in larger ones like Clark County, where Las Vegas is. The legal brothels cater mostly to truckers (although they get some tourists), and the people working there are mostly in their late twenties to forties. That legal industry is highly regulated, and very small compared to the illegal industry alongside it. There are thousands of illegal prostitutes in Las Vegas, working under the guise of outcall dancers. I know many girls who have worked in the trade here; there are several in every college class I teach. Because the industry is so large here, there are many who have run their own businesses, made their fortunes, or just paid their way through college without experiencing the abuse that you did, jossiemarie; but they are still surrounded by drugs, routinely abused by johns, and risk deadly medical problems. And even here, a great many are forced into it. Many runaways end up here, to be quickly snatched up by pimps; and many don't leave the city except to end up six feet under it.<br />
<br />
And, I've recently learned from information released by the US FBI that besides the prostitution trade, several thousand girls a year in the US are sold to private individuals and to couples as sex slaves.<br />
<br />
I have no idea what the solution is. Most of those I know who have worked as prostitutes did it out of financial need, and most say they regret it. I know a few who enjoyed it, and go back occasionally. I don't personally know anyone who was forced into it, but that may simply be because so many of those never make it out alive. Clearly legalizing prostitution has not made much of a dent in the kidnapping and all the horrors of the forced-sex trade, either in Nevada, or in Germany, or in Holland. I think the best thing I can do personally is to try to help people before they end up there.<br />
<br />
[And Marji, the legal brothel the government operated briefly after it was seized for taxes was the Mustang Ranch near Reno, rather than the Chicken Ranch in Pahrump, near Las Vegas.]

your very right although i am not sure it is souly there fault, i think its just how they are taught things are done. <br />
there is so much wrong with the uk and im sure all countrys, and it makes me sick when they are more worried about people i dont know say smoking in pubs, then trying to solve the bigger problems, it also makes me sick when they go on about the girls from other countrys being brought over here and forced into the sex trade without mentioning the hundreds of uk girls who are going threw the same, we should all be important no matter where we come from, and it makes me want to cry that all the uk girls are being forgotten when they should be mentioned along side these other poor girls.

jossiemarie,<br />
<br />
Your story is very moving and tragic. However, it's primarily a story of police corruption. No one should be physically abused or held and prostituted against their will. Police should spend their time and resources defending and liberating women like you, not harrassing women who enter into prostitution of their own free will to turn a profit. Most cops, unfortunately, are pigs, more interested in humiliating or exploiting prostitutes than in helping them. That's been my experience, too.

no doubt.

i think the biggest problem is that the english girls are being forgotten, because there are so many girls being brought over from other countrys all the girls should matter not just those from other countrys, but i guess the problem is because they are run aways or sold into it, or whatever, no one realises that they are being forced into prosition.