Sexual Pleasures

It should be legal. However, it should be that the girls/guys must get tested regularly, like it is in the areas where it IS legal. I think that the rates of rape would go down a bit. I know rape cannot be totally eliminated, as some guys/girls have desires and very little money.  But, I do believe the rate of this would go down if prostitution was legal. Of course, the girls/guys must be legal in the area. Men and women shall always have sexual needs and desires. Some people will continue to do this illegally, so make it legal, and that's another problem eliminated. There would be less spreading of STDS as well. There's so many things you can discuss about this that would be positive. Of course I'm sure someone's going to go ahead and post the negative affects, feel free to do so.

LylaRocks LylaRocks
26-30, F
Mar 3, 2010