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They Are

Awwwwww it's sooooooo small it's so cute, I know that puffer fish puff up because they feel scared or threatened but come on admit it they look so cute all puffed up like a ball *giggles* 
RHSK143 RHSK143 26-30, F 5 Responses Oct 16, 2010

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cuhe cche cche cu

it is so cuuttee

it is so cuuttee

What kind of puffer is that? I have one so............ Yeah. I need o know!!!!!

I don't really know it's just a picture I found

Oh they ARE:) In fact, I decided once when I had room for bigger aquarium, one of the type of fsh I was sure to get were those weird little ones I would see whirring up and down vertically in the tanks that would be all roundy and have these teeny cute little side fins...just interesting and yes, CUTE.<br />
<br />
Finding out that these are puffers and that they require saltwater tanks, which requires more time, money and effort than I had to spend at the time, meant saying goodbye to my dreams of coming home from work, sick of my job, only to find myself enthralled by the little guys puffing and swimming around. Ah, well...perhaps someday.