The Great Pushky Debate

I am blogging this tonight for those of you who are curious about the PUSHKY debate going on in the EP Question and Answer forum...

Although, I wish it were true, I am not the great PUSHKY.  I first heard of his questioning last week and I thought it was kind of odd.  The phrasing of his quesitons did not match with any of the many foriegn accents that I know from working with people from around the world.  At first, like many of the others here, I was working under the assumption that this was an actual religious zealot who was using EP as a forum to push his beliefs.  I even went as far as to defend him when he came under attack one day.

But after some time of reading and answering his questions, I began to suspect that he was a hoax.  His questions were just too absurd to even be real.  After reading enough of them, I began to write responses that were equally as absurd to see how he would react.  But, his questions kept coming.  To me, his phrasing is actually quite humorous and it reminds me of the phrasing that I often here from some of my Indian and Pakistani co-workers.  But, it is done in such a way that is a bit over the top, almost in a mockery kind of way.

For those of you who were observant enough to notice.  Yes, I did attempt to mock his phrasing in my question "What is your Brain telling of This Matter?"  And I even made sure to place "THE ALMIGHTY" in all caps just as the "real" PUSHKY does.  It was a brilliant hoax if I do say so myself.  However, as much as I would like to say that I was clever enough to have invented the great PUSHKY, I must confess that I am not and I did not.  So, the mystery lingers, is PUSHKY a "real" nutjob or someones very imaginative hoax?


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I just thought of this - suppose somewhere a guy is laughing his *** off at all of us who wonder about Pushky? Do you remember the news a month or so ago about the two guys who found a bigfoot body in the woods? Maybe the guy who pulled off that hoax is now on EP, trying to hoax us.

My comment was inaccurate or out of date, so I have edited it. The reference to responses, etc. has been removed.

I am curious about what you mean by "didn't get the responses he wanted". It would seem that if his intent is to make Religious fanatics look bad by mocking them, then having people agree with his sentiments would be the undersired result. <br />
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In the scenario that you are referring to, were people agreeing too much with his position or were they disagreeing too strongly?

There's no doubt in my mind that there is a real person behind the PUSHKY persona, but that they are putting on an act when they don PUSHKY's mask.<BR><BR>Even I have been guilty of phrasing a question in the PUSHKY style, but I am not he. I think I know PUSHKY's other "identity", but I can't prove it, so it would be wrong of me to say antyhing.

:) Even if he is 'invented' he is still ultimately the projection of a real person, an aspect of somebody's self. Perhaps he is just one aspect of somebody's self.<BR><BR>"If you will practise being fictional for a while, you will understand that fictional characters are sometimes more real than people with bodies and heartbeats."<BR>~: Richard Bach <BR>Thanks for your story. I think it is a very interesting question that touches on the psychology of cyperspace use. I think it's interesting that when a community is anonymous and uses creative avartas that, that question is asked. I would be interested in knowing where you think the reality and the pretend line is drawn here. Be well ;)

Don't get me wrong folks. I am niether irritated nor offended by Pushky and his line of questioning. I am actually quite entertained. And, I enjoy answering his questions as well. I am an agnostic. And as such, I neither agree nor disagree with peoples religious beliefs.<br />
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I am really just trying to determine whether this guy is real or just a character that someone invented, like "Borat" or something. His questions and his character border on the absurd. But, they walk that fine line between credible and incredible. So, I am not certain whether he is an actual Zealot or just someone trying to point out the absurdity of Religious Fanaticism by pushing accross the boudaries for comedic effect...

Does it matter? If he asks questions and people answer, isn't that part of what people do here? What I think is more funny is how angry people are getting in other forums about him. Who cares. Let him walk to the beat of his own drummer. im really confused.....i thought his 1st questions about sex and the permissive society was a bit know predatory...<BR>i think i told him that he was the one who was obsessed with it ...<BR>the whole thing sounded like my mothers religiously fanatic father...who abused her then preached at how bad and evil she was...sorry for saying that but his preaching brought back those painful memories of my dear mom....<BR>i thought his questions were offensive and inappropriate<BR>cheers

Why so irritated? Socrates was sentenced to death for being an atheist and corrupting the youth. Maybe if blatant fallacies in logic are made obvious, people will catch on. I can't claim responsibility for pushky, though. I wish I could.