I'm not very well read on the Quantum Physics but I do have a pretty good grasp of black holes, worm holes and the theoretical compacting and folding of time within the fabric of space. I've always been fascinated with Einstein's Relativity Theory E=mc2, the Universal Field Theory, atomic and sub-atomic particles, the existence of anti-matter and of course the experiments conducted using the 17 mi. long particle accelerator located in Cern. The only barrier that exists between us and the in-tangible as well as the smallest particles, is the willingness to explore the realm of scientific possibilities, supported by proven science and mathematics and of course possessing the intelligence and/or genious to employ all the tools and information available to us. Stephen Hawkings is an inspiration with the incredible type of mind to be able to un-lock some of these doors and barriers that possess the very secrets of our own existence within this vast universe! There is nothing more wonderful than knowledge!
shariweston shariweston
Jul 27, 2010