I posted about this in a different group but want to post here because I'm looking for input. I remember being turned on to QPhys a looong time ago, but never really followed up on it, so I've def lost touch...  If I ever really got it in the first place...

I want to learn.  I glanced on wikipedia and was kinda lost... I feel like an informal explanation would be more beneficial, as far as introduction goes. 

I study Psyc and Phil, if the POV that that suggests is relevant/beneficial to formatting any info given in this area.

Hopefully I'll hear back from some patient people.  :)

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Good book & you can also watch What the Bleep we know anyway for starters! Good Luck! Enjoy!<br />
Also the Holographic Universe, Michael Talbot.

seriously tho,good luck on your journey into the swirl that is physics

heh,heh,heh string theory will [tie] it together..cats! damn i love em..oh yeah...but will need it to 'get' physics. math perhaps is the mind if god...kidding..i don't believe in god..o no! they'll be coming for me...barbara!!

But be sure to check out string theory straight after. It will tie it all together, right or wrong

Yep. Beautiful introduction. Will blow your mind, but not hurt it