Fanaticism In All Forms Is A Poison To The World

Fanaticism in every form is the expression of overbearing emotions and fixations. Religious fanaticism is one of the worst forms, ignoring facts and teachings of life and religions.

Religious fanatics tend to damn everything, that doesn't into their view of the world and their rules.

Islamic fanatics are the best known at the moment, but we have fanatics of other religions as well: IRA in Ireland (Christians vs. Christians), Thailand's Malays in South Thailand (almost 5000 attacks up to today, the last one a few days ago) Hutu and Tutsi in Rwanda (ethnic not religious fanatics), Israels right wing orthodox Jews against Muslims, fundamentalist Christians denying the physics and science (The world is flat, there is no evolution) and keeping their offspring in ignorance and putting upright citizens not accepting this BS into jeopardy and big problems.

All of those are committing crimes against humanity, against civil rights and common sense.
At this particular moment especially young woman come into view to show Muslim fanaticism off and accuse this of violating the most basic civil rights (Here we talk especially about Egyptian Aaliyah M. Elmahdy and 19 year old Tunisian Amina, who was put into a psychiatric ward after her demonstrations, by her own family.) She accused the Salafists of violations and was damned and openly charged by some idiotic mullah to stoning after her actions in Tunisia. Tunisian TV must be short of brain, to allow such a display of insanity!

The worst fanatics in the Islamic world, in my eyes, at the present are the Salafists, they should be eradicated, the Al Quaeida , (every member should suffer what they do to others, they are criminals of the worst sort) Fundamentalists and Sharia fixated mullahs ignoring everything else.

Islamic clerics claim the Islam to be a modern religion, but seeing the facts: Saudi Arabia denying the women even the most basic rights, Islam allowing child abuse and rape, banned by civil societies, barbaric medieval tortures for the least crimes.
But nonetheless: Islam CAN be a peace religion, if the Islamic society accepts the facts of our time, adjust and goes forward instead of remaining in a long lost and unwanted past.

There will be no peace in the world and no progress, as long as fanatics are allowed to spread their words, no matter which religion, ethnicity or political color they belong to..
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6 Responses Apr 22, 2013

hi im a non religion boy but i was muslim befor ..iknow them they are really cruel and stupid ..they kill innocent people just because of their freedom

I am not a Muslim but I have Muslim friends we all say the same thing the fanatics are all uneducated in their own religion and they are all being used by people interpreting the teachings to better themselves. I have read the Bible and am deeply religious but I take the scriptures with a grain of salt. God may be perfect but man is not and man wrote the holy books. There are good teachings there but also a lot of crap

I have read the Koran

I have to agree with what you say. After all we all bleed the same. However, I believe that Islam itself is a peaceful religion. The fundamentalists are what makes things wrong. It really is time people/nations stopped using religion to cover their greed. It has happened through out time even as far back as the crusades or even ancient Rome. Islam is not a new religion its been with us for centuries as has Judaism, Christianity and Paganism. There's room in the world for every ones religion regardless of who they believe in.

There is one big problem about this: the intolerance between religions, this has to be overcome as well.

That is true, and the only way is for every person, government and religion to strive to put intolerance behind them. After all they all believe in the same thing, just a different name.

ankou guess if 1 is narrow minded they may perceive you as anti Christian or...I read the general in your story and keep believing religions are here to divide us and also aware fanatics of their own religion will naturally defend their religion.

I always admired atheists. I think it takes a lot of faith

I am amti "anti-social/asocial/", by common moral I am immoral and an outcast anyway

Why does everybody just take out the one ting he or she is offended by: the point is: radicals are f**** dangerous and can easily push sanity over the edge and make normally rational people into insane killers. AND Ignorance is the breeding ground for radicals.

Amen...Is why as humanoids we can’t reach the point of natural harmonization like all other species existing. I believe all religion helps us divide