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I'm all for being liberal and allowing others freedom so I'm not judging... I guess.

But sex should be beautiful and whole and holistic and rape to me is degrading to women and is a social justice problem that should not be taken lightly.

So those who fantasize about it I think possibly degrade victims of rape.

It's not about sex, but about power, and that much power over another human being I think is wrong.

If you don't think it's wrong, that's your opinion.  I just happen to disagree with it.  I think there are some issues there.

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P.S, i think these fantasies are more common than we all think! many of us women have fantasies where a big handsome strong man pushes up against them, its hormones and sexual nature! just like i said though, its misinterpreted as "Rape". xx

I don't think these fantasies are rooted in the rape itself. I feel that some women feel a little unsatisfied with tentative and soft lovemaking. I think the rape fantasies are sometimes very misinterpreted and really its just a longing to be made love to by a big strong male who makes the woman feel delicate and a little vulnerable. Rough sex is widely favourable over soft tentative lovemaking as it evokes allot more passion and excitement. I know from my experiences I prefer my partner to be forceful and strong and domineering during sex, but not to an extent that im being harmed. if you see what i mean. some women like to feel the physical difference between herself and her male partner. i definitely wouldn't like to be made love to by a little guy who touches me like im made of china, but there is a line that cannot be crossed.Obviously i would Not like to be raped.

I sometimes have them, and like most people I've heard from, I do NOT want the fantasies to actually come true and I DO realise that the reality would not be anything like my fantasies.<br />
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As far as I have seen, the vast majority of people who have rape fantasies only fantasise about being in the victim role in these fantasies, and I only have the fantasy from that side too. I just want to make that clear. <br />
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I find these fantasies disturbing too. I do also think that it seems disrespectful to others who have been victims of rape or sexual assaults.. but I know I don't mean it to be, and others I have talked to about this also do not mean it to be disrespectful either.. it's just something we like, that we never chose to like. I have never heard any of my friends say they are totally comfortable with having these thoughts.<br />
It bothers me that I have these fantasies, that even if I stop myself from thinking about these things, I will still have feelings of being drawn to these fantasies. <br />
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It scares me that so many of my friends also have these thoughts because they are SELF degrading, I think.<br />
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I have made an effort to only now think about consentual roleplay, and I find this to be a good compromise.<br />
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Sorry this comment got too long.. I think I'll have to post a story. <br />
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There's a huge part of me that wishes they knew what they talking about, but I wouldn't wish for any of them to know