Be able to explain the motion of earth and its polarity of magnetic field with just a simple child's playing toy, it is amazing. For those who do not know what rattlebacks are, they are toys, well and if you talk about history they were used for divine judgement too. See the rattleback has a property that it rotates in only one direction. Wait first have a look at it.


Well so here is the special think about this semi ellipsodial top, when you turn it in one direction it will spin, and when you turn it in the other direction, it will take a round, then stop and start turning in other direction, completely bu itself, i.e. no machinerey involved. This simple toy has captured the imagination of scientists till date and the lucid explanation for this still hasnt been given. But just the little we understand of it, it proves to open a lot of gateways to sciences.

Here is a old verse about the rattleback, also known as celt,

Behold the mysterious celt,with a property that amuses.One way it will spin,the other way it refuses.



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You could make it yourself too!