God Created Beard For a Reason....

so you can tell  them apart from women

since i was a kid i never liked men who don't grow beard or mustache , i just don't feel comfortable around them.


I like men with beard and mustache, not like long beards, i prefer stubble. :P

they look more dignified in it , don't you agree?


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6 Responses Jan 11, 2009

I don't like beards at all - I remember my ex husband telling me his maths teacher had a baked bean lodged in his beard on a Monday and it was still there on the Friday. How revolting! My husband has stubble which is quite sexy but rough on my skin when we kiss. So my vote is with clean shaven men

Beard is a natural growing thing, I think beard man more handsome.

Totally depends on the man for me. I don't like the longer beards....that ZZ Top look isn't for me. Some men look really nice with a neat beard and mustache. But it must be soft.....the skin around my mouth gets too raw if I kiss men with stiff beards or stubble. I learned that when my first fiance' neglected to shave!

I'm a fan of the stubble

totally agree! :D

I do agree. I've always preferred bearded men. It must have something to do with the fact that my dad and uncles have always had beards, and they're awesome guys. I'm not saying clean-shaven men are unattractive--I like them too, but there's just something about a beard.