Guys Who Look Like Christ Are Sexy!

It's kind of a funny thing to say considering I'm an atheist--but I'm very attracted to tall, dark, Jesus-looking men with long hair and serious beards. I'm all about tuggin' on beards.

I'm glad I'm not the only lady who feels this way. Most women don't care for beards.

It might be because all of the big, strong men I knew as a child had beards. My dad and uncles have kick-*** beards. A few of my uncles are ex-Hell's Angels, so they have super-long beards. Now that they're older, they all look like Santa. It's adorable--and they're the sweetest men on the planet, despite being biker guys. I never even saw my dad's chin until I was 19. He shaved once and it looked so effin weird. I begged him to grow it back.

Perhaps I associate masculinity with beard-growth ability. Guys that can grow a good beard clearly have a healthy amount of testosterone, so maybe I'm not too far off, biologically speaking. I just don't find baby-faced men as attractive as bearded ones. My hubby shaved his whole face a couple months ago, and it was a proverbial *****-killer for me. He grew it back, though.

I don't know what it is about long hair and beards--it's just so damn manly!

Ticia Ticia
26-30, F
6 Responses Jul 11, 2009

Agreed... Jesus is sexy...

I love Jesus looking men!

i totally agree! i am the same way.

i totally agree! i am the same way.

Awww, also, this sily cartoon about long beards is kinda funny: :)

OMG! Me too!! I LOVE men with beards! and i think Jesus is like the coolest sexiest man that has ever lived on Earth! :D