Ever Since I Was A Young Lad

I'm 31 now. But as back as I recall I always wanted to rock a full beard. At the age of 13 most my friends were into video games and chasing girls me on other hand just wanted a beard. Finally the about 14 the good LORD blessed me whiskers that I nurtured into a beard while in to college I rocked a beard. When ever I do have to shave it I fell like a killed a special friend. Long story short be bearded or die

staypuft staypuft
31-35, M
2 Responses Nov 10, 2009

Great post from you 'staypuft' I remember when I was 12 or 13 I recall wanting to have a hairy chest when I was older, its a pity that I did not actually think of growing a full beard as I did get a hairy chest by 18 and could have also grown a good beard by that age as well. You were correct in not ever using a razor then, if I could put the clock back now when I was 13 and the fuzz started to grow on my face I would just tell everyone that I was not going to shave anything off whatsoever and just let the facial hair grow out. If that had happened I would have had a good beard by 17 and a really thick one by 20. You do say that whenever you have to shave it off its like you killed a friend I just wonder why you ever need to shave it off at all. I think I would have put my foot down by the time I was 20 when I would have had a really thick beard and just say never will I shave or trim any of my beard off ever, I would hope to find a women who appreciates a man like that, otherwise I would have stayed single.

A beardless man is a travesty---no doubt about that!