TV Runs On Un-reality

The genesis of so-called "Reality TV" shows can be traced to a Hollywood script-writers strike.  Desparate for product, studios scrambled for ways to fill the empty hours of programming time.  Shows that claimed to be about people "caught in the act of being themselves," were in fact not candid at all but carefully scripted - and participants - instead of being themselves - vamped for the camera to excess.  Still, there was a sufficient illusion of reality to satisy the public, and the shows prospered.  This delighted neworks and studios because - since the shows don't use actual scripts or sets or actors - they are incredibly cheap to produce.  Every time TV seems to have hit rock bottom, it discovers a basement beneath. 
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I forgot - it's a documentary - a veritable cinema verite exposing the seamy (or seamless) side of the fashion jungle. You go Heidi! Of course, when she was doing her Victoria's Secret catalog work, that was different, that was ART!

"putting the "moron" in oxymoron" - nice<br />
<br />
even my daughter, who is 24 and smart, and should know better, watches Project Runway.

How many survivors did there need to be? Every time a new season starts I think 'again? How many islands are there on this planet?'