I really don't know where to start......ReeceH is, INDEED, a rare and special man.  I've written a story or two in the past extolling his virtues but I think it is time to do it again!  (yes, my dear, this WILL involve "thank you" so you may wish to close your eyes and cover your ears !! haha)

When I met him, my heart was broken and I cried myself to sleep on a nightly basis.  I came to EP not expecting much but deciding to give it a chance.  The first person to comment on my story was.....Reece (aka Crabapple) and he said if I wanted to talk, he would listen.  He mentioned that he was "only 20 and never been married" but that didn't bother me, I have never looked at someone and judged them on their age or experience.  One doesn't have to endure the same pain in life in order to empathize with just need a heart.  ReeceH has that heart for his fellow man (or woman in my case).  He and I messaged back and forth for hours getting to know a bit about each other and in all that time he never once mentioned his own situation.  I soon realized he is quite like me, he will say "I'm fine" even when he isn't because he doesn't want to burden others with his problems.  Over time this has changed, and I have seen what a wonderful soul he is and wish to thank him from the depths of my heart for all he has done for me.

This young man has been through hell in his short life (yes, 20 is short Mr. Reece....wait till you're frikken old like me! lol).  He is wise beyond his years and has the ability to calm the troubled soul and ease my fears. He gives such sage advice, and yes, now and then he tells me I'm being "silly" or a "stupid-head" and I need to staighten up and fly right :)  (not many dare to cross that line hahaha)

Unbeknownst to me, this man had been through the very things that had scarred me and made me think life was just too hard .  I wanted out of the "game".  He understood more than I knew and he saved me from myself.

It was not long and we were good friends.....and before I knew it, I became a Mum!  LOL the best way to have a child.....he was born already potty trained and working!  Reece is truly like my own son and a big part of my family.  We laugh and get silly, we cry and hold each other, and he is ALWAYS there for me when I have a question (oh boy, and I got a zillion of 'em).  He has schooled me on "man rules" and Reece-isms and I have done my best to keep up! 

Most recently this young man took the time to calm the fears of the man I love while I  was sick in the hospital and again when I came home.  I could never thank him enough for that.  ReeceH is more than amazing.....he is INSPIRING!  He makes us all want to be better, more caring people.

So, Mr. Reece, to put it plainly......when I grow up I want to be like you!! I love you, hon, and will always be your friend and your Mum ((hugs))


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Very true, but I am a lucky and blessed woman....I have two of you in my life!! Mwah!

He is a rare man, Miss Giggles. A good friend and an honest man is rare these days, sad to say.

Its everywhere =)<br />
Awwwwwwwwww I love yous too **MWAH**

Aaw, I know, I get dust in my eyes sometimes too (like right now). I meant every word of it, the trooper and I love you! Mwah

Thankyou Mum, from the bottom of my heart, thankyou.(and I swear its just dust in my eyes, I'm fine) ;)