Religion Is Many Things

Religion is a waste of time.  It is just a bunch of tall-tales.  I would have a religion if I actually met gods and had proof that they ever existed.  But, I would have to see it for myself.  Sadly, I never had any reason to believe that religion is something real and meaningful.  Stories passed down from generations of people is what religion is.  People must open their eyes and think logically.  Believing in something that is not there is like having imaginary friends.  I would, for one, rather have an imaginary friend than hope give my soul to someone called god, a person of whom I have never met.  Praying is a waste of breath.  Saying grace is a waste of anticipation.  Going to church is a waste of a day of the week.  It is all a waste of hope and ambition.  Religion is an invention.  It is true.  The people with religions either had a miracle happen to them, met a religious icon, or, most likely, were forced into their religion by their family and stuck with it to keep them satisfied.  Religious people close their eyes when reading things like this.  They do not want to believe the truth.  What they think the truth is, is nothing but FALSE.  The truth is, that there are a bunch of unanswered questions in the world.  It just shows how gullible people are and always were.  Maybe it just gives people something to do.  Maybe it gives people something to live for, die for, and to believe in.  I do not blame the people.  I just wish they would open their eyes. 
I believe in things that were proven.  They matter the most.  Religion is just theories.  Theories suck.
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I concur. Believing in imaginary people is just silly. Just as silly, in fact, as believing the universe came from nothing, by nothing for nothing. You don't really believe everything just "poofed" into existence 13.70 billion years ago now, do you?

Gee, thanks, Archimedes77.


"Religion is just theories" this is exactly how I would describe religion , it sucks when people think that god is there above and watching us ,and the day the end of world , it is all theories that gives us an understandable ideas of the whole universe ,but day after day the human mind gets knowledge and thinks differently , it is just a matter of time.

I agree which is why all critical thinkers have been and always will be athiests: