God Would Not Have Made This Mess!!!

I know that there is a lot of anger on both sides. Non-religious or EX religious (or ex christian in my  case) really have given deep thought (I am making a broad generalization based upon the many number to whom I have spoken personally) to the "WHYs" of their disdain, hatred or anger toward "man made religion". It it astounding that many a "religious person" will NOT "tolerate" anyone who boldly speaks of their FAITH IN NO GOD. They just cannot imagine that there is NO God and that others believe differently from them. Even here on EP; you can see them "patting each other's back", "giving high-fives" with "woo-hoos" for DELETING or BLOCKING someone who has "insulted their god"...really???? Yes, I am sure that Jesus would do that. (ROLL EYES)  Actually, it is THEMSELVES who feel insulted; they unknowingly to themselves HAVE BECOME their own god and are in denial, unwilling and unable to see it as truth.  

I don't think that God would have made the mess out of religion as it has become and it MUST BE MAN'S FAULT. Seriously, who should we blame for the hypocrisy and the hatred and intolerance of those who call themselves "godly", "christians", muslims, etc? Yes, I dare to include others apart from christianity. I exclude the Jews because they know what REAL persecution is and will only stand up and fight to protect Israel from attack. "Personal attacks of their God" is seen as immature but not something to cause hatred. They still have a God of mercy and compassion; unlike others whom I have met and known. I will not include Buddhists, Shinto and so many Eastern Religions or Polytheistic groups as I am unfamiliar with them but I am sure that they have their political bias as well. The caste system in India might be a prime example of "man's mess up of religion".

Whenever religion has given license to put down, put away, kill or dislike anyone who does "not believe as they do", I believe that it is because "man" is trying to run something that he should NEVER have put his hands upon. Beyond that, he has done it for greed, malice, power and revenge. That is NOT Godly in my book by any stretch of the imagination and I can stretch my imagination pretty far.  

It angers me that there are actually ABUSIVE PEOPLE, DICTATORS and CONTROLLERS, MURDERERS and THIEVES who "use" their "religion" to justify their behavior. YES, religion is truly "man's worst invention" and I am NOT impressed with the behavior or beliefs of those who think that they are better than a neighbor "just because" they are a "good religious person"...what a DELUSION!!!!   
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Hi guys. I am saddened by the disillusionment and hurt amongst so many people on earth over this most important matter, especially since they are justifiably angry because of the questionable actions of religious individuals and groups. It is true that God and religion is completely misunderstood by many, and unfortunately abused by some for their own purposes. As humans we will never know all there is to know about God. Fortunately He will give us a glimpse of His character and His thoughts, which we can use as a guidline for conducting our lives, and managing our relationships with others. God is not a simplistic character, nor an impersonal force, but in fact a incredibly intelligent and complex individual. Luckily for us this super-being is not a self-indulging monster, but a concerned parent. Like any parent, He understands his children better than they will ever realise, and His understanding of life also far exceeds theirs. As said, God is a complex, and well-rounded being. He is therefore not only love and compassion as most people prefer to believe, but He is also judgement. God has an opinion on everything! As humans we have to find out what those opinions are, so that we can align our conduct accordingly. I cannot tell you why God chooses to appear partially hidden to those who don't yet know Him. I just know that He is. It is however important to realise that we cannot decide for ourselves who and what God is just because He seems so mysterious. All we can do is to decide to find out who He really is. An earnest search of God will deliver results. Whilst I am a Christian, I recommend a neutral search of God. In other words, I believe that a human's heart felt outcry to his/her creator will be heard and answered, and God is more than capable of revealing Himself to that person. Religion is a maze in which a person can wander for decades. Forget religion. Search for the person of God. He is not confused. He knows that He made you.

This is a great experience to share. I mean honestly if God is there or not I'm sure that he wouldn't have made such a huge mess out of what people should be praising religion. People get so wrapped up in it and it consumes them. Personally I believe religion clouds your judgment. It gives you something to think and therefore people cannot form their own personal views.

Very true, it's such a shame that people speak of "gods word" when it's "mans word", I can't stand anyone who uses religion as an excuse to hate.<br />
I used to be a bit of a snotty athiest years ago, a bit scoffing in my views.<br />
I now consider myself an open spiritual person, now if people say they believe in a god, as long as they mean love I'm cool with it.<br />
Anything else they can keep.

I hear you and "let" others think what they will; IF they ask me, I will share my view but for the most part, they don't ask if they don't want to fight about it...I won't fight them; it is like wrestling with a greased pig; it gets me all dirty and only annoys the pig; not worth my time...thanks for your comment.

Why have you had some abuse ?

Sure but haven't we ALL been abused by someone? I have not "forsaken God" because "man" has abused me; but I realize that "man's religion" has BEEN abusive to me. I really think that "man" has messed things up...

l ride the rails of the Golden Rule when others require an answer from me they may not like. This being my stance allows me my freedom when making friends with some good, kind people. Perhaps mixed up by the mixed messages of societies strangle hold on those who, with someone they can be comfortable with.<br />
Might 'cool out' upon hearing or observation from an added P.O.V. One they find acceptable due it's simple truth. Should I or anyone be helpful in re-awakening the simplicity they might become happy to remember, " the way we were", prior to our life on earth programming. It will probably feel, not so bad at all, to feel real while they reel back in onto the inside track of common sense. Goodness always to you miss friend, True

That's respectful and sometimes very needed because those who are "in delusion" do NOT want to be told that they are "living a lie"...sometimes "just living my life" can tick them off because I am not bowing down to FEAR as they do; they don't understand...Peace back to you True8 friend...Miss A