Ee'Dplebnista ... The Holy Words

I fail to understand why someone would prefer to live a life of misery instead of one full of happiness all for the sake of a few passages in a book written by a self serving group of men who were duped by a cleaver man into thinking he was a deity. The man in question was an anarchist who caused unrest among the population, he undermined authority and stability of the government. For this he paid dearly. His followers made him a martyr and fashioned a blind cult.
Similar proceeding occurred elsewhere resulting in a conflict of interest. Everyone thought their deity was best. So, the biggest bullies on the block had to prove this by starting fights and try to eradicate the competition. So here we are today, constantly at odds with the other.. Call it a crusade or jihad or Zionism, it's all the same result .. Centuries of death and destruction.
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Feb 1, 2013