Not to sound like an atheist, but do you guys truly, and I mean down to every single speck of atom in your body, believe that religion is going to save us? You say that there is an afterlife, but can you truly believe the words of someone who has never experienced death for the first time. How can you blindly follow the words of men who only tell you things you want to hear? These very men are only using you to get the money you painfully earned. This is how it always been. You guys were in school, and you read that they used religion as a way to gain money from everyone. They tell you that you committed a "god awful" sin and will burn in hell unless you pay your way back into god's hands. What does money have to do with wether or not you're going to hell? Nothing, and you're dumb enough to believe these men who never in their entire life experienced anything divine. Try thinking for yourself.
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I don't believe in religion but I believe in a higher power such as god. I like to study history and theology because I feel like I need to study many things in order to understand how this universe came to be. I don't ever just blindly follow what other people say, I actually go do my research and analyze things.
Religion is something people follow blindly but it shouldn't be like that.

You say you don't blindly follow what people say, yet in the same paragraph you say you believe in a higher power. Just about everything in this universe is more powerful than us - we are SOOOO small. The universe itself IS a higher power, and we are a product of it. To believe in a creator is to assume there is one, in the absence of understanding how the universe works or knowing how it came to be. That's the thing: you can't make a conclusion that God exists without being able to demonstrate the claim. Therefore, if you believe it, then you're just taking someone's word for it.

Yeah, I forgot to put that when I mean god I mean the universe lol

And trying to study about the origin of the universe is difficult but we can only imagine/believe but never truly know.

If this turns out to be truly a multiverse and not a universe and we figure out how universes form, we could very well come to understand how ours formed. Then again, there may be some things that are simply unknowable. We're still very young as a species so I can't quite settle on any conclusion regarding what we'll never know, yet.

That'll be so cool, Ivd heard of different realms from many different sources/theorists so I guess that can be considered multiverse. I assume those different realms or universes would also have very different physics and mathematical laws from what we know.
It's so cool, omg. Our physical brains can only discover so much.

So much things can possibly be going on in different unreverses/realms and we may think they don't exist because we need proof but just because you don't see a tree fall in the forest doesn't mean it didn't fall. So much possibilities and realities.

I digress

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It gets dumb when a personal lifestyle is involved with politics. Nobody should have to enforce a set of rules pertaining to a certain way of life. I would like atheists as politicians because they would allow freedom to express religion but they wouldn't expect it from you. It definitely would then encourage the tax dollars to go towards things that benefit society.