I, personally am basically an atheist (a bit more complicated ask if interested lol) but unlike alot of atheists, I am tolerent of every relegion. I dont think they are stupid or feel sorry for them (theists) and even if they are living in ignorance, who cares? as long as it makes them happy i honestly cudnt give a ****. The one strong view i have on relegion, is that it is NOT that important. Believe what you want, but dont let it affect your evryday lives in negative ways. If you think something is ethical but you dont want to do it cuz its against your religion, then fk it. Are you gay and feeling guilty? **** relegion then. Or like me, i felt guilty for not believing in god, but not anymore, dont take relegion so seriously, like honestly all this discrimination crap and wars... **** it all, beleive what yu want if you think it will get you to heaven or sum **** but i have honestly not patience for relegious ppl pushing things on others, and nothing but sympathy for ppl who live in strong relegious familys but know it isnt for them...pce out
slammmin slammmin
18-21, M
Aug 12, 2010