He's Just A Very Naughty Boy.

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Read on my best friend's Facebook wall:<br />
"We were asked to look in a mirror during the children's address [at church], and then the lady speaking said the phrase "There's only one of you. You're all different." and I said, Monty Python-esque, "I'm not". Life of Brian jokes never gets old."

Yes. We're all different.

I'm not!

Follow no one.

Oh yeah .. can see it now :)

"I beg your pardon!" <br />
<br />
Peza, The Blashphemer! Where's my torch?<br />
<br />
"Now, **** off." <br />
<br />
: )

Cult film, cult scene. :))

Can u see something??

Yes I can... it's a clip from Life of Bryan - the Monty Python film.