It is my personal belief that religion should not be preached publicly. I am a semi-atheist, and although I have no issues with people believing in certain things, to go around trying to impose your beliefs on other people isn't right. Missionaries often complain they are treated rudely at doorsteps. Now, why would this be so? Well, if you've ever had a missionary from any religion show up at your doorstep, you must know what it feels like to have someone pressuring you. Although they are being nice in conversation, they will not take no for an answer, at least until you make it very clear you are not interested.

This situation is very awkward if you are not religious, and often it actually turns people away from religion. I think there's also something to be said about the integrity of a religion that has to go door to door looking for new members, even though everyone is very aware of the local religions presence/existence. It almost makes the church look needy in a way.

Especially in our modern countries of greed, lust for power and titles, to have a group that is open to the public, but not recruiting makes it that much more interesting to the public as it is tightly nit group. It gives members something to be attracted by. Someone for an individual to brag about. Although this completely contradicts the morals of common religions, let me ask a question. Why do people go to hell when they die if they do not believe in god. When they die, if god is up there, wouldn't he be able to talk briefly with the deceased, at which point the dead guy would obviously believe in god, as he's right in front of him. Sending a person to hell just because they chose one way above the other on an extremely controversial matter seems crewel, and something only a bitter, unpleasant person would do. Aren't folks from the common religions generally supposed to spread love and peace? Well, if the man above is doing the opposite, it sure doesn't support any common religion morals, so having a slightly closed group to attract people doesn't seem so far out.

I'd love to hear some other opinions about this topic, while I am not in the common sense religious, I am more than open to a good conversation. :)
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Did you just actually say "semi-atheist"?

What other way is there to say it? :P

YOU NEED JESUS!!! (in black woman voice)

YES I NEED JESUS, I NEED A REASON TO EAT MARSHMALLOW BIRDS, Bless Jesus and his birthday, for i can eat my peeps in peace thanks to your existance

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... Well, you can start by telling me this: WHAT THE **** is a semi-atheist?

Well, idk. It's sorta like this; I believe there is something/someone out there, I mean, how else did everything come about into being. Maybe this will be shown up by science later, but for now I'm fairly sold that there's... Something at least. I don't really refer to this hypothetical thing as god though. I don't think there is a dude up there performing miracles n' stuff. And thus, I am half-atheist. Sorta believing, but not really at the same time.

No... You're agnostic.

Agnosticism in a nutshell is basically this: I can't make up my ******* mimd


Alright cool. Good to know there are actually words for this stuff xD

No thats not agnosticism, admitting you dont know what is out there is not the same as being indecisive

.... "Admitting you dont know" "not the same as being indecisive"

You do realize you contradicted yourself, correct?

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Jehova Witnesses don't celebrate halloween guess they don't like random people knocking on their door asking for b.s too xDDD


Haha, yeah sorry. I kinda text-walled it xD

Like I read through half it and I was like "alright I know to much now" XD