Nothing Wrong With It

Theres nothing wrong with abstaining. Yes it does talk about it in the Bible but by no means are " Religious" people stupid or dumb about sex. Its all about personal choice just like making the choice whether to foolow the bible or not. Shame on the people bashing Religious people when their hands are just as dirty.
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4 Responses Sep 12, 2012

AMEN you are preaching to the choir. Most religious people have *** backward ideas about most stuff that is fun and just human nature

AMEN!!! I am Christian, and my hands are very dirty unfortunately... :(

It seems to be OK to bash religious people these days; especially Christians. Just make sure you don't bash the non-religious people, that would mean bigotry.

I prayed in school every day, privately of course. I laughed at a quote I once read: "As long as there are tests, there will always be prayer in school."

well some just want to show the world they are the only peole who could enter the Kingdom of God so you every where this type of people would say something to all that by having sexual relationship it would condemn you to hell.