i have seen it over and over in millions of diffrent religons. sex is a sin blah, blah, blah if you mastirbate your going to hell blah, bla, blah. but if you ask why they dont have a resonable awsner. i still have yet to see a passege in the bible were it cleary states sex and self-stimulation are wrong. this is why i dont believe in religon. has anyone ever noticed that there is comman theme among every religon and in almost every religon they have used there followers to kill "in the name of god"

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Sex is absolutely okay. It is a gift between two married individuals that God gave. I don't believe you will find a scripture saying sex is wrong. Unless it's talking about adultery or fornication. Those two things are wrong. ************ however, that could be considered unclean as well as a defilement of the body.

I agree that a lot of religions have really stupid ideas about sex. <br />
Sex is a normal part of being a human being. We should be just <br />
teaching people to have sex safely. Not telling people they are going <br />
to hell if they have it.

look around you. how diverse are religons? not very. and ALL of them have a past of killing "non-belivers". tell me what is wrong with sex and mastribation?

that is a RELaTIONshIP w the LORD...and

it's not about religon ...<br />
<br />
it's all about a relationship w the Lord,