Let's Look At Some Facts...

I found an interesting link on CNBC's site.... it shows where our tax dollars go.

So we all know that many Republicans believe that we spend far too much on anti-poverty programs....

... and far too much on foreign aid....

... and far too much on stupid environmental programs...

... and far too little on such vital matters as defense.

Right?  (Right Wing, that is.)

So -- What are the facts....



BINGO -- the military.  42 cents out of every 100 -- to the military!!!!!

The biggest chunk of your money -- 42.2 cents of every income-tax dollar -- goes to fund the military. Over half of it, or 28.7 cents, goes to pay for the current war and military, 10 cents goes to interest payments on past and present military debt and 3.5 cents is allocated for Veterans' benefits.  (And we know there is no waste in military procurement programs, don't we.)

What about Number Two?

Health -- 22 cents out of every 100 -- to health.  (Keep the government's hands off my medicare!!!!)

The second largest amount is spent on health care initiatives, including Medicare.

Number Three?

Interest on non-military debt.  Yup, all that talk about how we are putting our future into hock... well, here it is.  10.2 cents on the dollar.

About ten cents of every federal tax dollar is spent on interest for non-military related national debt.

Number Four....

8.7 cents goes to anti-poverty.... These funds go to a variety of programs to help the underprivileged. They include food assistance, supplemental income for those with low incomes and assistance for foster care and adoption programs.  8.7 for the poor, including the poor children.  (Remember, 42.2 on the military.... more than 5 times as much!)

Hey, we're getting down the list now... what about Number Five?

4.4 cents for Education, training and social services.... 

These funds go towards paying for elementary, secondary and higher education. Other beneficiaries include employment training centers.... Man, we are spendthrifts, aren't we!

Number Six, at  3.9 cents is Law Enforcement and Government.... This area covers a variety of programs, including the cost of running the justice system, the cost of running the Social Security program and federal employee retirement and disability.   I guess this is where they are hiding all those over-paid (?) bureaucrats ... along with the FBI, the DEA, etc. etc....

Number Seven,  (guess you aren't too high on too many agendas if you are all the way down here....) is housing and community development.... they get a whopping 3.3 cents out of each 100.... this money is spent on housing assistance and community development programs.

Number Eight?  Any guesses?  Environment, Energy and Science.... at 2.6 out of every 100 cents.  Spending in this area goes to environmental programs, energy exploration and any programs that deal with general science, technology and space.  (Between this and the amoung spent on education, I guess we can see why there are still people who don't believe in such concepts as evolution.... )

Number Nine?  Number Nine?  Number Nine?  (Sorry, having a White Album moment there.....) 1.5 cents spent on agriculture, commerce and transportation.  Yup. One-and-a-half cents of every federal income tax dollar is going towards agriculture and transportation spending.

Say, wait a moment... where is all that money we give away to those ingrate foreign gummints?  What about that?

Number 10 -- 1 penny....

The smallest amount of your tax dollars goes to foreign affairs, including foreign humanitarian assistance, conduct of foreign affairs and international financial programs.


So there you have it folks.... billions for a massive military.... it's right there.  You want to shrink the budget deficit?  Guess where you could begin...




SaratogaGirl SaratogaGirl
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As an add to the expenditure or our tax dollars, looking at the monthly US treasury statement and an excel sheet, military spending is 2nd on the list health and human services is number 1 with treasury interest spending a close 3rd, the rest are not even close. <br />
<br />
You always have to watch how the news words things. In this instance they said your income tax dollars. This excludes a plethora of other taxes levied on everyone, FICA, Medicaid, Medicare, employment, etc...... This allows them to manipulate the numbers you see. An example would be the exclusion of treasury interest spending (a major chunk of US spending), they probably moved it to come from another type of tax obviously not listed. We need to look at the total not just this part.<br />
<br />
Finally a most of DoD expenses are from unassociated with the wars, total spending yearly of ~650 billion, ~150 billion for war appropriations. The total being about half that of the world in total. I may be biased toward this spending in that my school gets loads of DoD money for research. Specifically in advanced robotics and AI, medical including replacement body parts and nano construction. The DoD is the biggest financier of private research. <br />
<br />
Many good things have already come from this spending to list 2, the internet and GPS. Both privately created and publicly financed (through DoD). <br />
<br />
IMO we sould cut some of this spending though looking at the new federal budget. Maybe we could cut DoD spending by 100 billion and shift it to NASA (from a tech standpoint) instead of cutting the space exploration budget totally.

I think the military strategy would have been obvious from the beginning.<br />
<br />
We're fighting small terror cells living within a civilian population, therefore we cannot have tanks roling down mainstream. And yet we have tanks rolling down mainstreet!<br />
<br />
My entire problem is that we had war game planners who have spent DECADES after Vietnam coming up with how to fight unconvntional wars....and yet Bush seems to have tossed out the playbook when he went into Iraq and decided he wanted tanks rolling down mainstreet hunting for terrorists....which I assume he thought he'd be able to spot because they would all be wearing black and twirling their evil mustaches?<br />
<br />
Vietnam we can excuse because, hey, it was our first engagement with unconventional warefare. We learned new things there.<br />
<br />
Decades later we have Bush spending trillions of dollars sending in tanks and infantry....when the enemy is once again wearing civilian clothes, living with civilians and only spending $1.25 in spare parts making IEDs that are destroying our $500,000 Hummers.<br />
<br />
I still contend that the trillion dollar clusterfuck in Iraq was the direct result of psychology -- Bush wanted a "macho" war with tanks instead of an effective war with entirely different (and less flashy) tactics and equipment.

One of the problems with military spending is the attempts by the planners to predict what their hardware needs are in advance. Going right back to the 60s US planners removed guns form F4s cos they believed missiles would be the optin. Vietnam and MIG 21s changed that. The wars in the middle east are similar. The enemy is different form before and so the planned approach isn;t working, hence new approaches needed, hence massive amounts of money. One really odd example is the use of the SA80 rifle by the Brits. It uses small calibre ammo. 5.26. This is lighter and the idea was that it would not kill outright but disable, this in turn would draw in other troops to assist their fallen comrade, or so the thinking went. Problem with Taliban is those don't stop for fallen comrades and the 5,26 ammo lacks the impact to stop the buggers straight out, so they can get you with the second round. Who the hell would have thought of that in war games?

Yup, that too Saratoga.<br />
<br />
I really think the budget problems we have now are caused because pop culture has created this image of "real war" as always being fought with heavy tanks, bombers and massive fire power. Those wars are obviously visually exciting to watch in a MOVIE but aren't really practical in real-world counter insurgency engagements fought in Middle Eastern suburbs.<br />
<br />
It sounds crazy, but I truly think the reason we're trillions of dollars in debt is because the Bush Administration saw a bunch of old World War II movies and said, "Yes! That's how you beat the **** out of an enemy! let's send 500 tanks to Iraq asap!"<br />
<br />
The irony is that their entire justification for Gitmo and the concept of "detainees" is that the terrorists are not conventional military soliders and these terrorist do not engage in a conventional warfare...thus the normal articles of war do not apply to them.<br />
<br />
Oh....so why the **** are we spending 2 trillion dollars on bombers and tanks and trying to fight a CONVENTIONAL WAR when our enemies are just a disorganized group of 12 loosely affliated terror cells living amongst a civilian population?<br />
<br />
We need to pull out of Iraq and Afghanistan and then cut the military budget in half! And then cut it in half again.

Psychology and billions of dollars going to defense contractors who in turn funnel campaign contributions to their Pet Representatives....

We are spending waaaay too much on the military. I don't think we're get much return for our investment.<br />
<br />
How much did the 9/11 hijackers spend on their terror attack? A few plane tickets and some box cutters! We spent trillions of dollars in return.<br />
<br />
How much does the average IED cost an Iraqi insurgent to make? $40. How much are these little bombs costing us in terms of lost equipment, mangles soliders, etc (not to mention the emotional toll)? Millions and millions of dollars.<br />
<br />
The bottom line is that our current military spending is driven more by Republican testosterone then actual defense effictiveness.<br />
<br />
Tanks LOOK cool and feel macho to Republicans, thus we've spent a few billion dropping 200 tanks into the desert to fight insurgents wearing civilian clothes who themselves are only spending a couple dollars building IED's.<br />
<br />
Our budget is definitely out of whack and I think it has to do more with psychology than anything else.

Not to be pedantic, but my original post was about where the money that the US government spends, goes. And I note that the Military (currently fighting two active wars, at least one of which was founded on outright LIES) gets the Lion's share of it.

Oh and th epoint I meant ot make. Russia and Britain spend about £75 billion a year on defence. The USA spends that in like a month.

Well deregulation didn't eradicate the duty of care to loan money based upon certain levels of monetary reserve to loan ratio. Also Lehman Bros ignored fed law never mind regulations when pimping their balance sheet. So the issue with regulations is who is looking at them. In the case of the loans market, no-one. And regulation has been around for ever. In 1901 JD Rockefeller was the richest man in the world. he actually had 1% of USA's GDP, work that out for 20101 and he was pretty rich, but he had to divest himself of lots of Standard Oil and so on because it was deemed his monopoly was anti competitive. Regulations also protect the free market as well as restricting it.

Oh, I completely disagree with that statement. The Right Wing in America is totally confused.... they believe that deregulating the market is the answer to our current economic trouble... when it was deregulation that caused the recession.... Republicans are flirting with the Tea Baggers who are full of VERY confused people.... (people who don't even believe in evolution!), Republicans who push candidates like Palin who is unqualified to be a mayor, much less a President! It is Republicans who defend a WAR based on lies....<br />
<br />
No... I have no problem defending my original post here at all.

Defense is one thing... going to war because the President made up lies to justify it is totally another.

Cordett,<br />
<br />
The enemy is at the gate. If we are not fighting someone somewhere for some usually unknown reason, our freedom is not being defended right? Our freedom is maintained only through direct military confrontation or the threat of it, right?<br />
<br />
No one is suggesting that we not have a military, it’s just that military spending in absurdly disproportion.<br />
<br />
Have you ever heard of a guy called Dwight Eisenhower? Well, he’s kind’a related to your comment on why we don’t speak German. You see he was a five-star general and the Supreme Commander of the Allied forces in Europe during WWII and as he turned out to be a great general and he played a big role in you not speaking German. You could say this guy believed in the military as much as anyone. <br />
<br />
Because he was such a great general and helped the Allies defeat the Germans people in this country thought highly of him he became our 34th president.<br />
<br />
On his final address to the country as president and in the midst of the cold war, this great General, used this last opportunity to address the nation to warn us about what he saw as unjustified military spending <br />
<br />
"we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex... Only an alert and knowledgeable citizenry can compel the proper meshing of the huge industrial and military machinery of defense with our peaceful methods and goals, so that security and liberty may prosper together."<br />
<br />
The moral of the story, from a guy to knows the military and war, Eisenhower, is that the industrial military complex can have undue influence in government and that, that influence can affect our security and freedom.<br />
<br />
So, Cordett, what kind of influence do you think the military industrial complex has when 42 cents on the dollar are spent on the military?? Could we call that the undue influence that Eisenhower warned us about?

usda won't call it hunger any more! it's food insecurity!

Well said, AnythingButNormal.

Cordett, I have to post a reply to your comment. America spends more than half of the world wide total spending for its military, more than any other nation in the world. There are bigger countries geographically and population wise, but they aren't being invaded. Do you have an answer to that? Also, do you know how many gun owners there are in the US along with the national guard? I don't think mobilized armies are used to "defend" as you put it. I learned that much in military science. Standing (read attacking) armies are one of the greatest expenses a government can have. The British tried to invade us and look what happened to them. Your argument that we need to spend half of the world total on our military leads me to conclude that you are either a military contractor, defense industry worker, or are actually in the military. <br />
<br />
Just to illustrate a point, can you tell me what caused the fall of Rome? <br />
Wow, you guessed it, military spending. <br />
<br />
EVERY single country in the world that has tried to build an empire has failed economically. My freedom is not in Iraq or Afghanistan, and those who tell you that they joined up to fight for your freedom are bald faced liars or wholly ignorant. The simple truth is, the vast majority joined for a paycheck because they had no other option to make a living, or earn an education. Poverty is necessary to create soldiers for war. If you don't believe me go find an old sociology 1101 textbook and look it up. This isn't new, it has been going on since the dawn of recorded history. <br />
<br />
Guns, bombs, and missles are not power. Knowledge is power. If that is so, then power comes from education and that is the reason we don't spend much on it. Those in power do not want you to have power, because they fear what you might do with it. Besides, a stupid population is easier to govern. I personally as an armed citizen of the United States of America yearn for the day when all of us speak multiple languages, have free health care, the highest quality of life, and the longest life expectancy. I could care less if we have the most scientifically advanced military of all time, because a 2 billion dollar bomber is only designed to do one thing: destroy lives. I'd rather enrich them, and be the shining example to the world of what a nation can be. Who wouldn't be proud of that?

Too bad the Democrats are too whimpy to take up for the president. Its crazy how the republicans forget about the prior 8 years of bush but the Dems seem to forget also. Even when they tried to pass the health care bill , even with the majority in congress they still didn't side a hundred percent.

Bravo for continuing to raise the flag of protest over BushyBob spending the whole bank on military. The Replublican effort to hide this deed behind denouncement of Obama is a crude and ugly save face play.

Cordett, the devil is in the details. What constitutes a strong military? How about money being spent on a war who's original premise turned out to be false?<br />
<br />
No spending money on education and health also weakens our country. <br />
<br />
Anythingbutnormal, I think in the long-term, major campaign finance reform is the only way to get our representatives paying more attention to what their constituents want. And we have taken another step backwards in the recent Supreme Court decision.

Let's put this in context ... without a strong military we could all be speaking German, Japanese, Russian or who knows what. Pouring money into education, health, etc. isn't going to do a thing for anyone if the country is overtaken by a hostile force. It is a strong military which allows us to educate our citizens, provide health care and live in a culture of freedom. It is not the Republicans that are confused, you may want to reconsider your conclusion.

So I'm up for suggestions. I wrote my congressmen and asked them not to vote for a bailout, and they did anyway. I asked for a single payer health care system, and they are trying to mandate that I buy insurance. What does the constitution say about representatives who don't do what they are told? I'm up for ideas.

I am ok w spending on the military....<br />
<br />
education should be high on the list...<br />
<br />
It is counter productive to hope that our President fails...no matter how you voted...the President must not fail...<br />
<br />
the President is nothing more than a spokes person anyway....that's how we RoCK!

What about Fox news how they are obcessed with talking about Obama 24/7. How some people say they are not a news station but force a political view point. On their website you would see Obama name 30x's. Their whole website is all about OBAMA!!! Can i get news please!!!!!<br />
They distort the truth with most of their stories. and the bad part about it is they get more ratings than CNN. Im confused!!!!<br />
Sonja Gopta save many Haitians lives with his medical experience. Anderson cooper was also a hero when he was in Haiti. <br />
You have Rush Limbauch say that he hopes the president fails and not to give money for Haiti so Obama wont take credit for it.<br />
Most of them spew out words or hate in my opinion. The only republican i like is McCain he is very humble even though i dont agree with him.

A fabulous post, SGirl! Thank You for presenting those figures, and for your wry commentary. It is obvious that the first and best place to start, of US citizens wish to rein in their government's expenditure, is on military and defence-related areas. If the US stopped pummelling the **** out of third world countries and spent the money instead on fostering good relations, a lot less money would be need to defend your country, as the level of threat would be diminished.<br />
<br />
It would be interesting to compare those figures with the same speding areas at the time the Bush administration took office. I have no doubt the comparison would show that Bush's buddies in Big Weapons industries received increases in their obscene blood-profits, while policy areas whose aim is social cohesion have been whittled back to basics.


I couldn't get it out of my head.... oh no.... now it's back... Number nine, number nine, number nine....

Dipping sauce??? FOR SOBA??????<br />
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(are you SURE you're a ninja????)

Haha! Ninjabelly you probably have the best screen name I've ever seen.

well, as long as you have a good reason.<br />
<br />
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(I admit to finding the logo for the group -- I hate the generic one!)

amen nice guy....I just don't have the energy to go after the republicans. I think they're congenitally stupid

The Republicans are obsessed with the deficit now that Obama is in office, but didn't care at all about it when Bush was in office.<br />
<br />
Bush racked up TRILLIONS of dollars in debt by waging two wars and lowering taxes on wealthiest Americans during those 8 years of war.<br />
<br />
So Obama comes in after Bush went on a drunken spending spree for 8 years and now the Republicans are pretending to be serious and sober-minded accountants that are shocked! -- shocked! -- at how big the deficit has gotten.<br />
<br />
But they will not support any efforts to end the occupations of Iraq or Afghanistan (no cutting and running, as they like to phrase it) and they refuse to support any tax increases for the ultra-wealthy.<br />
<br />
So Bush gets drunk and charges $8 trillion on our credit card and the Republican's demand Obama magically erase all that debt within 365 days...and do it all without reducing military spending and without raising taxes on the ultra-wealthy.<br />
<br />
No problem!<br />
<br />
(eye roll)

Great informative post, Sara. <br />
<br />
Off topic--I don't know who found the logo for this group, but I love it! That poor elephant looks confused!

Well, to be fair, most spending on education is done through local property taxes...