Sarah Palin Caught With Notes Written On Her Hands!?!?

Just when you thought the Tea Part Movement couldn’t get any more ridiculous, good old Sarah “You Betcha!” Palin takes things to embarrassing new lows.

After calling the President stupid and mocking him for using Teleprompters, Sarah was caught with notes….written on her hand!

That’s right, the 40-something former Gov of Alaska took out a Sharpie and wrote notes on her hands to aid her in the Q&A segment that occurred after she gave a rousing “I hate Obama!” speech at a Tea Party convention.

What extremely complex things did she need to write on her hand?

Simple GOP talking points such as “Budget cuts”

The woman who was almost vice president literally couldn’t remember her GOP talking points and decided it would make more sense to write it on her hand instead of, say, a simple note card? She is literally that stupid. Hate to be that harsh but, c’mon. Time to call a spade a spade and Sarah Palin is ******* retarded.

She then insisted that Obama was a “failure” and would match her credentials against Obama’s any day.

She does have superior credentials if you look at them with a critical eye.

Obama is merely a Harvard educated Constitutional law Profession, whereas Sarah Palin has great legs and nice ****.

In the rough and tumble world of Conservative American politics a smoking hot body trumps actual ed-u-ma-cation every single time.

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I wonder if there is anyone in this group that can think for themselves. And I'm not a christian and even I know that Jesus wasnot a Socialist.

Jesus Christ was a Socialist!

Sarah Palin is an idiot, plain and simple, Puck. If you can't see it you have your eyes and ears shut.

Anyone with a hint of intelligence can see it.

I really don't see how men find her attractive. Her legs are not nice nor is her ***. Hell, even if she looked like Scarlett Johanssen I wouldn't find her attractive. Stupid does not look good on anybody.

I think President Obama is doing fine as our President, so far.

Wouldn't take much after the past eight years of douchebaggery that was President Bush.

At least it seems like he is trying. It's the Republicans and conservatives that are getting in the way of progress. Most of it based on bigotry.

I was not completely happy with the health care bill but I still supported it because I know how much the little things can help. For our young, just being able to stay on their parent's insurance until they are 26 is a great thing. That alone will help many of OUR kids. Why would we not want to help our kids? I see the bill as a stepping stone to real change in how insurance works and anything that will lead to fair dealings in this country is needed greatly.

Any law that makes it hard for the rich, greedy bastards to rip us off they are going to protest like this. To quote one rich, conservative "christian" " Ignore 'em" . Although he was talking about the poor. Good job being a christian there buddy! "How dare you take away our right to rob the poor!" It's a sad deal and not at all what Jesus Christ was teaching.

All Presidents are just figure heads anyway. We have the same ruler today that we had then so it makes no difference who the President is.

The Tea Party Movement pretty much begins and ends with about 50,000 angry white former Bush/Cheney holding up misspelled sign accusing Obama of being a "Socialest!"

So, no, its not a serious movement with serious policy proposals.

They themselves admit that theyhave no specific "vision" of what they want to do. They are just mad...though about what they can't really seem to explain.

And true to form all they are doing is yelling that the Prezidant iz a Socialest!


In the beginning there was a lot of excitment and speculation about this "movement" becoming a viable 3 politicla party...but the more these 50,000 white Bush/Cheney Conservatives speak the more it has become clear to everyone that they aren't a new political force so much as just a bunch of whiny people complaining about things they don't understand.....which explains why most news services are ignoring them (inclduing Fox News).

The tea party doesn't know what it's about. Which is sad. Some are worried about taxes, some about the health care reform (for a miriad of reasons), some are all about "Where" the President was born. Others are just angry...about pretty much anything and everything. There is little or no consensus among the Tea Party chapters.

As for substance...the only notable substance coming from the tea party is spit.

Which pretty much sums up the totality of their positions on the issues.

If you have no discussion or skill at communicating your idea...then hock a luggy on the opposition. Or swing a monkey doll, or put cross hairs on locations and come up with pithy slogans.

More insults and no substance. You don't even know what the tea partys are about.

Pssst! , repubs... over here.... here's something shiny... it's not designed to overtax (that's the dem's job) your tiny attention spans. have at it.

Did you have a speicif example Visualone?

Because I can think of two: abortion and same sex marriage.

The Progressives want to give people freedom: the freedom to decide for themselves if an abortion is the right choice for them and the freedom for same sex couples to decide if marriage is the right choice for them.

Can you think of any examples of Progressives taking away freedoms or being intolerant of any minorities?

Is Sarah Palin "tolerant" of people who do not share her religious or political views?

Would Sarah Palin or Bush bother to hold a Healthcare Sumitt to allow the opposition to express their objections or alternative ideas on national TV as Obama recently did?

Thanks Brimi. That was nice :-)

At least she didn't have to use a tele-prompter such as the anointed one does any time his lordship gives a speech. Not only that he can't even pronounce words correctly. He mispronounced "Corpsman" , three times in the same speech. Explain that.

"But nasty T&A comments?"

Are you saying there were no one else in America that was more qualified than Sarah Palin to be CHOOSEN by the McCain team as a VP?

I think its fair to ask: WHY did they pick her over everyone else with DECADES of political experieces who also happened to be women?

My contention is that Sarah was selected using the exact same criteria MTV uses when they select people for the latest edition of the Real World. McCain's team did not scour the land for the most "intellectual" candidate nor the most "experienced."

MTV intentionally picks people whom they know are: somiking hot and kooky enough to create lots of "drama" on the show to get ratings.

McCain's team did the exact same thing: they picked Sarah Palin because she was a hot mess and would gaurantee that the campaign (which had been flagging at that point) would get lots and lots of Press coverage.

So, yeah, they picked Sarah because she has nice T&A and not (not!) because she was the best choice of everyone available.

nice...nasty cat scratch bite and hiss comments.

how about... she was speaking publicly and chose to jot a few key bullet points on hand instead of index card. That would be a comment congruent with the topic heading. But nasty T&A comments? as a basis for making electoral decisions? COME ON.

she made a few key point notes.... on her hand... and when asked, she showed the audience.

so the question of READING TEXT from a teleprompter, versus public speaking with some key words "handy"... is a difference.

GET A GRIP, Ladies.

FreeFallWall, that is a fair point.

My response is twofold. I give Sarah as much respect as she gives. She routinely insults, mocks and belittle President Obama and all of his I mock, insult and belittle her in kind.

Secondly, I truly feel I am communicating in a language that the Conservatives understand and respect. The Cons are not a bunch of mousy intellectuals who are obsessed with the rules of debate and are constantly couching their words. The reality is they HATE the idea of being "politically correct" and, frankly, they only respond to aggressive language and tones. We can debate that point, but the reality is they are attracted to "tough" leaders and their preception of being "tough" is basically being an ******* (see also: Bush and Cheney)

Neither Bush or Sarah Palin or Cheney worried about "offending" their opponents...and their supporters LOVED them for it. And actually MOCKED the Dems for being to "wimpy."

You know what? I'm not American and don't think this post is really related to me and okay, it was a bit funny BUT after reading the last lines i just wanted to say: show some respect even if you don't agree with her. If she isn't grown up enough, you be.

if california wants to know why california is going to **** white people should take a step back and before they blame someone else: take a look in the mirror and ask themselves "did you vote for prop 13? did you do everything you could to stop it from passing" ACTIONS HAVE CONSQUENCES.

I can't stand the tea partiers. Tea party anti tax sentiment is why california is falling apart. They want to blame the "Brown people" and say that brown people have tons of kids to get welfare. Welfare moms aren't covered, only natural born kids and they don't give you very much at all and besides which conservatives are partyt o blame for that problem by opposing condom use so damn much. All of this hatred for mexicans and taxes is being rail roaded as the perfect distraction for the fact that the corporations are holding all the money dividing and conquerering and keeping the populace in control,8599,1904938,00.html

You can't help but marvel at how the Tea Party movement is able to manage such an incredible diverse coalition.I mean at one end of the movement you have straight, white Christians...but on the other end of the movement you have, uh, straight white Christians.And then mixed in with all that have straight white Christians.And geographically diverse to! You got some people living in Southern Georgia and then you have some people living in, uh, Northern Georgia. And then you have the "liberals" in the Movement who hail all the way from southern Alabama! I mean these guys have supporters all across the US of A. I saw one guy at a rally who didn't even have a Confederate flag bumper sticker on his truck! Just the old 2004 Bush/Cheney bumper sticker! Talk about a rainbow coalition and a big tent policy!I mean this movement really captures the "true" America.(so long as your straight white Christian former Bush/Cheney supporters)The outrage the Tea Party has tapped into really stretches across party lines all the way from hardcore Republican anti-choice extremists to moderate Republican homophobes. Its just amazing!

The "majority" being defined as white, straight christians living in the South.

Yeah. That...that rainbow coalition definitely sounds like the melting pot that is America!


Ah, freddy... another intelligent posting by one of the Blue People....

I can't stand liberal weirdos and apparently I'm in good company. I think the silent majority in this country is beginning to wake up. Time for the minority to step aside and majority rule. Bye-bye political correctness and goofy liberals.

haha really you would think that she has recited so many speeches she would use those little yellow or white thngs you write on...... what are they called?............... POST ITS OR INDEX CARDS!!!!!!!!!! (go to staples.. there having a sale lol!)

the darkknight, it's hard to see change under the follow conditions:

It's only been 365 days.

We're in the middle of the worst recession in history

The Republicans are blocking every single attempt to accomplish anything (unlike Bush who delcared himself Emporer and simply used signing staement sto sweep things into law, Obama limits himself to the powers outlined in the Consitution and thus cannot "force" laws into existence the way Bush did.)

What exactly CAN Obama do that he hasn't done?

We're so used to Bush simply declaring laws into existence and bypassing Congress that we forget that the President has no legislative power. Only Congress and pass laws.

Bush was able to do things quicker and faster for a few reasons: First he had 9/11 Worship working for him. Post 9/11 anything Bush asked for, he got it. Anything Bush said was obeyed. If he wanted a law, he ordered his Republicans to make it happen and they did. Second he had a very small deficit, so if he wanted to spend a few trillion dollars he could (and he did) without asking anyone or having the media question him to closely. Secondly he had the power of signing statements and an army of lawyers declaring that the Consitution didn't "apply" to Bush as it does to mere mortals. Thus he was able to basically write laws which Obama can't do.

Obama inherited 8 trillion of Bush's war debt which limits his ability to really do anything and he is having trouble with Dems finding their spine to stand up to the Republicans. He basically doesn't have the same "power" Bush has to just "do" things.

Plus its only been 1 year!

I'm not happy with him either, but I give him a little bit of a break on everything (except healthcare where I think he certainly could have worked harder)

Palin ........................... !!

The Dumbing Down of America for all to see !!!

If she gets elected she's just going to make comedians lazy. Let them work for their money.

Levi Johnson tells a story in his Vanity Fair interview about Sarah coming home one day.

He's there with trig (?) and his kid.. He hands Trig over and she says, "No, not the retarded one."

EEEEEK!!!! There, coming over the trees.... PUTIN'S HEAD!!!!!! EEEEEEEK!!!!!!

Sarah Palin is a great "leader" for the Tea party Movement because she, like them, has no opinion or knowledge of any issue that doesn't involve: abortion, gay marriage and ending welfare.

This is why she writes notes on her hand!

If the conversation (God Forbid) involves actual issues such as trade policy or international diplomacy....she has no idea.

And niether do the Tea Party members!

One could make a credible arguement that the entire Tea Party movements is really just an anti-abortion, anti-same sex marriage PAC. They don't seem to have any opinions on any issue beyond those niche issues.

Merde... I forgot... she also believes that the world is only 6000 years old... of COURSE she is qualified to govern a major industrial nation....

*Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock.*

What exactly are her qualifications?

*Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock.*

You have to realize that we're going by the Conservative idea of "qualifications."

Is she Christian?

Is she white?

Does she hate "welfare"?

Does she think all environmental regulations should be eliminated?

Is she hot with nice legs and a decent rack?

Does she think gays have a secret agenda and are ruining America?

Does she want to outlaw abortion?

Sarah Palin is very, very qualified to be President based on these "qualifications"?

But don't ask her position on steel tarrifs or ask her to explain the concept of favord nation status in regards to trade policy.....she doesn't know those things and her supporters don't know them either. If it doesn't involve gays, abortion and teach evolution they don't care.