Republicans In Their Native Clothing

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They have done this 40 times?! How many times do you bang year head against the wall before you realize it hurts when you do so? It is clear to me there is something Seriously wrong with them--perhaps their brains have been so damaged by all that and they no longer can think. It just begs why would we elect these clowns in the first place--November is coming--time to cast up votes, and lets clean house (and Senate).

Yes I know...their behavior just is so whacko it's jaw dropping!

What Boehner has said is that some of the junior members haven't had the "chance" to vote against Obamacare. In other words, votes have become religious rituals bowing to their tea-party God, rather than actual votes intended to change policy. Talk about the tail wagging the dog.

The Republican's have the "Same" Mind Set Thinking as "Castrol" (Is having also) who is now in Court with the "Abductions" of those 3 Ohio Girls, (Claiming he is the One who is Right and Not Doing Anything Wrong ... (Not So!) ... ) There is something really wrong with the Mind Set to be Dominate over others.


This just came to my mind in addition: I would almost "Bet" the 3 girls, now women (If and when they chose a Political Party (?) ... ) It would be more towards the Democrat's (Party), then Republican's (Because they may see the same "Mind Frame" in the Republican's that they had lived with in some 9 - 10 years with this "Castrol" Creep.

40 times voting to repeal Obama Care, while blocking needed legislation.

North Carolina has gone completely off the deep end.

Yes, 40 times...that is outright insanity :D

You know the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results

Insane hypocrites-but ignorant people keep voting them in!

True to life. Yet they see nothing wrong. When your intellectual horizons don't extend past the pimple on your arse you have a sense that you are right, it stinks and always will be that way.

Ha ha that's a good one Spice... actually however I think it's the dominance of the Tea Party that has given them a bad name and that not all of them are so unreasonable. I think McCain for example was quite moderate except for the fact that he picked Sarah for his running mate... and we Democrats too have a few rotten apples, like WV Sen. Joe Manchin (who is STILL trying to sneak in bills to continue letting the coal companies blow up mountains and rape the earth, after all that's how he made his little fortune), and those other cowards who didn't stand with us on gun control, "Democrats" in name only.

for someone from the outside looking in (Australia), it does appear there is a touch of cultural insanity going on there with them.

Yes, they are insane...though I think it's more mental than

Correct! and they complain about big government interference....then want big government inside every women's vagina and to close all abortion clinics!

Fvcking hypocrites is what they are