I Haven't Thought About It Before Now

  I couldn't agree more! I mean I remember as a child going into resturants, and adults would be in other booths cursing like sailors. Obviously me and mom were uncomfortable..but yeah, I do, that way parents and kids would be together, and adults could do/say whtaever they'd wanna say!

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i never said it wasn't annoying what i said was thats not what this persons story was about <br />
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and if i can't contain my annoyance then it is time for me to go not the kid <br />
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you see i have the benifit of remembering what it was lke to be a child and all the boring **** adults wanted to drag me to so i have a bit of sympathy sometghing you should get and no one would insult you

Exactly free spirit!!! :)<br />
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And tulick, I'm not a moron! I'm just giving my opinion.<br />
There's no need to get insulting!<br />
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You can't tell me that if you're trying to have a peaceful meal, and some kid is screaming in your ear, that it's not annoying!!

the other moron who brought up screaming kids when thats not what your story is about

...who are you refering to exactly? me or the other person?

good grief why did you have to ruin a perfectly good story barking about somones screaming kid

Lol..good point!

Not only that, but I would like an Adult Section simply because if I'm getting a rare evening out, I don't want to have to listen to your little kid screaming like a banshee and throwing a Class A tempertantrum!!!!<br />
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If I want to hear that ****, I'll go home! Lol