Cellphone Waitress

I took my mom out to lunch the other day. And the restaurant was divided into groups of 4 tables per waitress. The waitress I had only 3
Tables that had a couple only seated
and one empty. I noticed the waitress we had was glued with a cellphone to her ear. After 15 minutes she finally decided to bring our water and took our iced tea order. After another 10 minutes she brought us our drinks and took our food order. Which during this time the couple that finished there meal got up and left in disgust. But left a few dollars for a tip.

After about 10 minutes I saw our food hit the cook station under the heat lamps and hit his bell for waitress delivery. But she was busy hehe and haha on her phone. After 4 more bell hits from the cook and 15 minutes she finally brought the food to our table. And flopped the plates down. And started to walk away. And when I stopped her she told whoever she was talking to wait a sec and then gives me an abrupt WHAT! I told her some silverware would be nice and a Refill of tea.

Well another 5 minutes pass and we get out silverware and tea and the check for the meal. Which in that time the food wasn't worth eating. Because the Burger and bun dried out and the fries hard due to being under the heat lamps to long.! Another 25 minutes and we finally see the waitress to remind her to bring the deserts. Still on the phone.
Another 15 minutes and our tea Refill and desert arrive. And yes the hehe haha continues.

Well by this time I had enough. We finished our desert and leave. I left a 25 cent tip. Well as we were leaving she tells me thanks for the quarter you cheap old bastard. I told her to glue the quarter to her cellphone as a reminder. THANKS FOR THE TWO BIT SERVICE.

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