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The spoiled one's are starting to learn about real life. Everyone knows them. The you can do whatever you want everyone gets a trophy brats. Welcome to the real world you spoiled little ****. Working in a restaurant isn't easy. But you still have to earn your tips. And tips are based on average percentage. Not what you think you're worth.

Waitress and Waiters both new and the experienced ones need to realize this. The TIP starts as soon as customers walk in the door. They owe you nothing. But are the reason you have a job. They chosen the restaurant your boss owns to eat at. The boss that hired you to do a job. To take care of the CUSTOMERS!

The customers are there for there own enjoyment not yours. Or the owners. We are the reason the business is open. Not to put up with the mood of the waitress or waiters. Or their nasty attitudes. Because their having a bad day. Or there mad at their boyfriend or the waiter didn't get ***** the night before. Your problems are not the customers. And most don't give a **** about your problem. They are there for a good meal and service.

Tips are given as graditude. Not because we have to. based on what the customers think of your services. Not on what you think of yourselves. And the tip is based on total FOOD BILL before taxes or any other surcharges. And not the total bill. And the average tip is 15%. Not the $5.00 dollars or more you think it is or expect. And based on the percentage that is accepted by most customers 15% of one dollar is still only 15¢

And you agreed to work for these rates when you took the job. So keep the attitude and expectations to yourself. And if someone just orders pie and coffee. If the bill is $3.00 before taxes the tip is still only
45¢… Reguardless if you Refill that coffee cup once or 100 times. That's the job. To make sure that customer returns.

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snowlover13 snowlover13
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Feb 6, 2013