Forced On Us

I think restaurants should have no kids zone. Not everyone adores the little brats. And I have been to a restaurant and have just ordered my food. When some young parents come in and sit right behind or beside me. And let kids holler and scream or run around like it's a ******* play yard. And not say a word to the little *****.

Some will call me an old grouch but I don't care. I enjoy going out and eat in peaceful restaurants. And not be bothered by other people's rude kids. And parents that have no respect for others to correct or quiet the kids down. And I didn't have a problem by making the daddy pay me the $21.00 dollars to get my suite dry cleaned. Because he or his wife didn't say a word when their two little darlings from hell started throwing food all over the restaurant.

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I prefer Adults Only restaurants!

I get the feeling some ppl ignore there child. I have sat there or walked thru the store and herd the child screaming as if to alert search and resue crews. And I wondered are they ok? Is it some "moms boyfriend" hitting them when no one is looking?(which Ive seen) Counting every minute Im in sed place of business wondering ???????

Kids today are nothing more than a status symbol or a tax credit. They have kids but expect everyone else to raise and pay for them it's really sad.

I haven't had that problem for quite a while. Most of the kids go to McDs or somewhere like that. I don't frequent the "family" places since my kids grew up.

They take the brats to bar and grills here
Sorry but bars aren't for kids. AppleBees and Texas Roadhouse have full service bar and kids shouldn't be allowed.

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