....not! Oh Dear

Fundementalism sucks...in any form. Mr Dawkins is hateful....really he is. He is a fundementalist and much of the contempt and abusive behaviour levelled against beleivers he and other athiests do is as well. If its wrong then its wrong. We are idiots or not as clever for not seeing things your way, we are deluded and once we read enough of his literature we will see things his way too.......door to door preachers do this and you all seem to hate it. Contempt for the other and a refussal to be open minded about other possibilities is pretty much the fundemetalist way of being and this is done by Mr Dawkins. I have lost count of the number of times athiests have made gross assumptions about what i believe, my point of view and my lack original thought because i am a thiest....without even talking to me. My point of view came about due to careful study. I have heard the arguments on both sides of the usual debates and I chose as a sentient being my response to them. I am not a sheep, I question and make my own choices. The bitter and nasty river flowing through some of the responses in groups like this is not a good look, especially if youre going for the enlightened look. My point really is that if you base your lives around science thats awesome. Good luck to you. Science plays a large part in my understanding of the universe too. But the parallels between hate preachers and mr Dawkins are pretty numerous and obvious when you look. Lets not forget that athiest communism caused more deaths than religion ever did. The crusades sucked but the numbers involved were nothing like the 25 million killed in the great leap forward....an athiest utopian experiment. Anyway good luck to you and something to think about. oh and Ihad to write this quickly so forgive the spelling.
steelclaw steelclaw
Jan 9, 2013