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The God Delusion Vs the Bible

The God Delusion makes insightful and meaningful points centered around scientific fact and theory.

The Bible spews hate towards many groups (homosexuals, nonbelievers, etc) while using fear tactics to keep followers in line. This book is based on ridiculous fables, none of which are fact or can even be proven to be fact.

The God Delusion uses information compiled by numerous scientists aside from Dawkins. All of these people are real, they can show you their birth certificates. It was written by Richard Dawkins, not people who have merely heard of him without even meeting him.

The Bible was written by followers of Jesus years and years after Jesus supposedly lived. It has never been proven that Jesus was even a real person (let alone divine in any way). The authors never met Jesus nor did they live remotely near his lifetime.




Now, rather than agreeing with the rationality and ideas of The God Delusion, people worship the teachings of the bible without questioning.

*Takes long drawn-out sigh directed at humanity*


godsmack666 godsmack666 18-21, M 5 Responses Aug 26, 2009

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I am sorry to say that there is more proof for Jesus' existence than you may think. Tacticus wrote about him and his death under Pilote, when it was in his interests to not mention him. So we can substantiate him pretty well because Tacticus saw facts as more important than anything as was not from a Christian perspective

I doubt whether the Bible spews hate - although I've never read it I've had bits of it quoted at me. People spew hate, and they look to the Bible to back up their prejudices. Interpretation is all

Completely true, I have read all the Abrahamic religious texts and the Bible does not spew hate on anyone. It's message is one of love. It is true however that humans have misconstrued almost all religious texts to fit their own purpose and this is not because of the texts but because of the nature of humanity

Yes imagine hosts of 'religious' people condemning others for what they are (such as homosexuals, as a for instance) rather than for what they do! Yet it happens all the time, and always with religious people doing the condemning, spouting the Bible as their source

There is no hate in the bible? There is only love?? You must have skipped 3/4 of the verses. There is a god-fearing man who offers his daughters to be gang-raped, a priest who offers his slave to be gang-raped, killing of slaves, killing of women, killing of children, torturing of children, beheading of people, back-stabbery, adultery, daughters taking advantage of their father when he's drunk. There is nothing in this world that can convince me that any part of the bible is sacred. It's just a bunch of men full of hate trying to bully other people and other religions into doing what they want. Jesus may have existed, but so what? The earliest book of the NT was written 40 years after he died. Do you think maybe some of those stories (or ALL) were blown out of proportion? Look up "cargo cults" to see what stories come about ordinary humans in the course of a mere 2 years. I see nothing with my own eyes, and hear nothing with my own ears that proves that there is anything supernatural. If every religion and every denomination thinks it's the right one, I guess NONE of them is. Richard Dawkins and The God Delusion got me off the fence. And "god" was capitalized just because it's a book title. I don't cap it any more.

And it's funny how any god is no more understanding of science or more technologically advanced than the people who worship him. Amazing!

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It's one of my favourites. Truly one of the highlights of my collection.

i love the god delusion. it's an amazing book and he makes many excellent points.

Interesting, I'm interpreting your argument as being "live and let live" as well as not making hasty generalizations. Correct me if I'm wrong about that.<br />
<br />
I'll start with the concept of "live and let live". It is a wonderful way of thinking, however, when religion continues to spew hate speech and slander against various groups in society (as well as fueling the major conflicts in the world and ultimately leading to the deaths of millions upon millions) it is time to do something about it.<br />
<br />
Following your metaphor, say you decide to go about your business and leave the dog alone. Except now because of your inaction the dog hops the fence anyways and attacks anything and everything it sees. That is where we are now, the dog is religion. We are dealing with a rabid dog which is attacking our morals as well as our children.<br />
<br />
Now, onto your other point. Hasty generalizations are terrible things and a major logical fallacy. Science, however, is not the fallacy; religion is. Countless scientific theories have been proven which directly contradict the stories and belief systems of various theologies, yet people still follow them (generally arguing that this evidence was placed here by the devil in an attempt to pull us away from the god-monster. A proposterous idea but it is ever present). <br />
<br />
Thank you for the comment.