"Inartful" Doesn't Quite Describe Gibbs' Rant Against Liberals

Robert Gibbs thinks that the left should be drug-tested? What the hell was in his afternoon brownies to make him say things to alienate the liberal base from his boss, the president?
Count me alienated. No, Mr. Gibbs, I can honestly say that it would be satisfying to have Dennis Kucinich as president. He is a man who stands by his principles.  I would have been happy to see the president come out in favor of the public option.  And does questioning the wisdom of our being in Afghanistan mean I want the Pentagon dismantled?  
My husband and I gave $250 to Obama’s campaign. That got me on the email list for Organizing For America, which sends out updates, spin, and requests for money. I just unsubscribed, giving the following reason, “Robert Gibbs’ rant against liberals wasn’t just ‘inartful;’ it was inexcusable.” Good job Mr. Gibbs!
EvesHarvest EvesHarvest
56-60, F
Aug 12, 2010