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im sorry he is hideous, i had to choose one person from the twilight cast it would be Jackson Rathbone. But honestly Pattinson just has no spark. i dont get it.
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I agree sCr3am, read the Novels then saw who they chose for Edward and had to go HUH? Man that boy is UGLY! Vampires are suppose to be beautiful and elegant not emo whinny brats! I do like James though But Patterson PLEASE, he is such a rude narky little nothing. Sorry I also feel the actress that plays Bella is not that great looking either, what a total SHOCK to see Robert Patterson be nominated for teen choice awards, then who else really wants to look at him you know? YUCK!

I'd read the books before the films even came out, so I knew I was going to be disappointed from the start. They cut so much out of the film it was unbelivable. When I saw who they'd got to play Edward I was even more disappointe, I just don't think he works as that character at all. He can't do scary and I don't even think he's that good at love. The character Edward Cullen is supposed to be breathtaking, charming, ferocious and very deep. RP just doesn't fit the bill.

Sorry? uhm lol. But i agree with both of u, hes just eeeewww

He made a great Cedirc Diggory in Harry Potter but yeah as a good looking vampire? I don't see it either to me he isn't all that attractive, nor does he have anything nice to say about the movies that have put him where he is. Johhny is doing Dark Shadows he will play Barnabus Collins and will be one sexy vampire! Robert Patterson to me is not attractive...sorry.

I think Johnny Depp would've been really cool in the movie because he's like 40 something and not too mention very attractive, but I do agree Robert Pattinson isn't all that cute.